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Beyond visual content, Instagram is also a powerful tool to connect with others and share information. We recently covered the importance of social media marketing for your business or brand. And Instagram is a great platform to work with when it comes to promoting any brand or business. Using it efficiently can help you build brand awareness, boost sales and drive traffic to your website. And apart of that is sharing specific links with your audience for them to follow. This can be a blog post, a product or even a video on YouTube. But to share links on Instagram isn’t as easy as it seems. Beyond sharing a link in your bio, Instagram is fairly limited on how you can share links.

Unlike platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can’t share clickable links in your captions. And unless you have over a certain amount of followers, not everyone has access to the swipe up feature in their Stories. This can become extremely frustrating when you’re trying to use Instagram for marketing purposes. So, what can you do to share links on Instagram? Before we we take you through some of our suggestions, let’s take a look at why you should be sharing links on Instagram, especially when it comes to your social media marketing strategy.

Reasons to Share Links on Instagram

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Wolf Global_Share Links on Instagram_Drive Traffic Website

The first reasons to share links on Instagram is pretty obvious. You’re trying to to get people to visit your website. This could be for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want them to read your blog, or perhaps you’re trying to get them to sign up to your mailing list. In either case using social media to promote your website is a great way to gain new visitors.

Share Products/Services

Wolf Global_Share Links on Instagram_Boutique

Instagram is also a great place to create revenue. Instagram has one of the largest share of users worldwide over any other social media network. And the good new is people aren’t just using social media for leisure, they’re also using it when it comes to their buying habits. Many shoppers are turning to social media to not only research brands, but make purchases. You can easily share links to your online shop, directly to specifics products or to promote services you offer.

Bring Attention to a Cause

Wolf Global_Share Links on Instagram_Charity

It’s not usual to find yourself passionate about a certain cause or charity that you want to support. And what better way than to bring attention to it by leveraging your followers? Beyond marketing and networking, Instagram can be used to bring attention to a cause you care about. This can be sharing a fundraising site or information outside of Instagram to educate your audience.

How to Share Links on Instagram

Regardless of your reasons it’s pretty clear that being able to share links on Instagram is an important part of it’s use. There are plenty of ways you can easily do this. We’ll first walk you through the two ways Instagram allows you to share links traditionally. Then we’ll give you a few of our extra tricks that will help you master sharing links on Instagram.

Include a Link in Your Bio

Let’s start with the easiest way to share links on Instagram. Everyone regardless of profile type and follower amount can share a link in their Instagram bio. To include a clickable link on your profile, simply edit your profile and you’ll see the Website field where you can include a URL. The downfall to this method is you can only share one link at a time. However because its on your profile, anyone who visits it will see it. Think of this as your primary link, which will get to later on.

Add Swipe Up to Stories

For those who have over 10,000 followers or a verified profile, you can add links to your Instagram Stories. By doing this anyone who views your Story an easily swipe up to view the link you’re sharing. This is a great option if you’re not looking to constantly be changing the link in your bio. However Instagram Stories are only live for 24 hours. So if you want your link to be accessible permanently, create Highlights on your profile where you can save the Stories.

Shoppable Posts

Wolf Global_Share Links on Instagram_Shoppable Post Sephora

Constantly sharing links for your latest products or services can be hard to keep up with. And with a large portion of people on Instagram using it for shopping, it’s no wonder they came up with shoppable posts. Also know as Shops on Facebook, you can actually add products to your profile for your customers to shop from. Not only does this allow you to tag products in your content, but you’ll also get a Shop tab on your profile showcasing all of your listed products.

With this method you’ll get a few options for how your customers can checkout. You can either have the product direct them to your online store, have them message you to arrange payment and pick-up or with Checkout on Facebook and Instagram. The latter option however is only available in the United States.

Use a Link Manager

An extremely popular way to highlight multiple links on Instagram at a time is by using a link manager. Services like Linktree allow you to create a customizable homepage that hosts all of your most important links. You can create a list of clickable buttons for things like blog posts, YouTube videos and of course your website. Once you’ve put together your link manager, you’ll generate a custom link that you can use as your primary link on Instagram. This way you’re not stuck choosing between links, or always changing your primary link to keep up.

Share Short Links in Captions

Wolf Global_Share Links on Instagram_Short Link in Caption

While links aren’t clickable when in captions on Instagram, doesn’t mean you still can’t included them there. Sharing a short link isn’t necessarily a bad idea. If your website is something that is easy to remember, it doesn’t hurt to share it in your caption to draw attention to it. Alternatively if your website URL is difficult to remember, or you’re trying to share a long link you still have options. You could use a short link service like Bitly so the link is easier to write down or remember. Even better if you use their paid version and create a custom short link.