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It’s no secret that every business needs to be active on Instagram. With more over 700 million users, it gives a marketing platform to reach potential clients from all over the world. Here are 5 simple Instagram marketing tips that will enable you to grow your brand online.

1. Interact with your followers to spark growth

In the event that somebody spends their time to comment on one of your posts, it’s best practice to take your time to reply to them. The straightforward engagement can make a new following turn into a devoted customer and additionally a promoter of your brand.

Additionally, including the approaches to get the followers to take action with your Instagram posts, a straightforward, “Tag two of your friends that would love this” can rapidly put your image before a larger audience and in addition drawing in new followers. Since they are being introduced to your Instagram profile through a friend, there is less resistance, bringing about a large number of the tagged users following your Instagram profile. So, interaction with followers is a huge key to sparking growth.

Perhaps one of our favorite Instagram marketing tips!

2. Hire a professional

If you’re not the creative type or your pictures are not sufficiently catching the attention of your audience, don’t worry – there’s truly an art to it.

In this case, you can consider hiring social media manager with experience in photography or design. Transforming your audience into customers will take considerably more than twelve beautiful pictures on Instagram, so it’s best to contribute early.

If you’ve already have hired someone who knows the ropes of online media but not so much a camera, consider outsourcing the visual content creation. The photographer’s can do a variety of photoshoots and provide you with the pictures for use on your blog, website and of course, social media.

3. Use #hashtags

Hashtags are not only great for the use of Twitter, they can likewise enable clients to find your brand on the Instagram platform.

The most extreme measure of hashtags you can include per Instagram post is 30, however, you should intend to utilize considerably less than that. Take a stab at adding 5 to 10 and perceive how well your Instagram posts perform. At that point, take a look at what number of new followers comes on the board and whether you have accomplished with your target level of engagement.

One of the most overlooked Instagram marketing tips! 

4. Be entertaining and/or inspirational

Posting whatever you feel on Instagram might not be the best approach. Your followers need to enjoy seeing your posts and sometimes even without an attempt to sell something! Ensure your posts are engaging, helpful and valuable. Instagram offers advertising for business, so on the off chance that you need to drive activity or truly put your brand out there, you can also invest in ads.

5. Take advantage of free Instagram tools

Instagram just began to roll out the business profiles that intensely reflects Facebook’s business profiles, complete with features like call-to-actions and enabling clients to contact directly through Instagram.

Alongside the contact option, the business profiles have an approach to analytics, Insights, giving clients access to engagement and impression information. On the off chance that you utilize your Instagram account to represent your business, you should need to consider changing over your own profile to a business profile with a specific end goal to take advantage from these features. The more you comprehend about how your clients are interfacing with the content, the better you can make changes to enhance your engagement with the followers.

Additionally there are plenty of free Instagram tools like Simply Measured and Square Lovin that you can use to get beautifully insightful analytics! Read more about it here.

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