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Whether you use social media for business or pleasure, it can get exhausting and even overwhelming to constantly keep up with everything. Studies show that the average person spends over 2 hours a day on social media. That can be even more if you use social media for work or as an Influencer who is constantly online sharing content and engaging with others. That’s why a social media cleanse is a practice that everyone should implement into their lives regularly. We take time off work to reboot, and buy not so yummy green juices to recharge our bodies. So taking a break from social media from time to time are a great way to reorganize the mind.

As we look a head to the new year and begin the craze of the holiday season there is no better time to start a social media cleanse. As we close out 2019 we’re all focused on our strategies for 2020 and taking a step back can give way for a new perspective. Plus, the holidays are meant to be spent with family and friends celebrating so they’ll appreciate you being detached from your phone. If there’s anytime to detox from social media, the holiday season is it!

Social Media Cleanse Tips

1. Set Time Blocks

Not sure you can commit to a full blown social media cut off for your first time? Don’t worry! A success social media cleanse doesn’t need to involve a full blown surgical removal, and can be done in baby steps. Ease into your first social media break by setting daily time limits for yourself, or time blocks through the day where you won’t use social media. Start off small with only a couple hours a day and in no time you’ll start to build habits that’ll allow you to take longer of a break.

2. Mute App Notifications

We’re so inclined to jump to our phones the minute we hear a notification going off, which can make it impossible to ever put them down. Muting your social media app notifications can be helpful in helping you cut down on your general use of social media. And it can also help during a social media cleanse. Turning off your notifications will easily boost your daily productivity, and help take the pressure off of feeling that you have to answer to comments or messages instantly.

3. Take The Weekend Off

Taking an entire weekend off for a social media cleanse is a popular way a lot of Influencers to balance their lives and minds. It can be an easy way to implement a break into your schedule because generally, social media platforms are less used on weekends making the FOMO less intense. Going on a getaway is a great way to spend your time while on a social media cleanse. Go to on a weekend getaway, plan a stay-cation in your own city or just have some well deserved R&R. A lot of Influencers and Content Creators also use a weekend social media cleanse to get re-inspired or shoot fresh content.

4. Turn Off Your Phone

Turning off your phone is a great way to take a daily social media cleanse and disconnect from everything all together. It’s important to turn off your phone regularly to give it a rest. Plus they say it’s healthier to sleep at night with your phone off. But instead of just turning off your phone before bed, try a daily social media break by turning it off 2-3 hours before you call it a day. It’ll be easier to stop worrying about checking Instagram or answering those emails from your boss when you’re turned off from the world.

5. Delete All Your Apps

Do you have little self control when it comes to social media, but think you could benefit from a social media cleanse (or two)? Deleting your social media apps is a great way to start and actually stick to it. This may seem like an extreme measure, but taking the time off of social media will do good for the mind and soul! Don’t worry, once your break from social media is over you can download all your favorite apps again.

Looking for more social media tips and tricks for after your social media cleanse? We’ve got you covered with weekly posts on the Wolf Blog!