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With a new year, comes new goals and objectives that we’re all trying to meet. For some that might be starting a gym routine or learning a new language. What ever your personal resolutions are there’s a good chance your social media habits could use some improvements. Are there things you can do to have a healthier relationship with technology? Or maybe there are ways that can improve your online performance. This got us thinking about social media new years resolutions that social marketers should consider. Whether you use social media as a way to promote your business or just as a pass time, here are our top new years resolutions you can apply to your social media.

Social Media New Year Resolutions

Set Boundaries on Your Usage

Wolf Global_Social Media New Year Resolutions_SMM

It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed by social media. There seems to be this constant pressure to always be online, active and publishing content. And that’s not even the countless hours spent aimlessly scrolling through feeds chasing new things to discover. However if you want to develop a healthy relationship with social media you need to set limits on your overall usage. The best way to achieve this balance is to set specific time frames or limits for your usage. This could be only allowing yourself to spend 3 hours a day on social media, or only being allowed on between the hours of 11AM and 4PM. Many smartphones these days have the ability to program limits within them to help you control that urge.

Create a Social Media Strategy

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One of our top social media new year resolutions is to create yourself a strategy. Having a game plan not only helps you to better secure your goals, but also gives you a clear perspective on what to do to get there. For businesses and people who use social media for their brands it can get a little stressful. By organizing a strategy that encompasses your goals, content and publishing schedule you’ll ease a lot of the work. Start by determining what exactly you want to achieve with social media. This can be growing your following, increasing sales or building brand awareness. From that point you can align your content to those specific targets and lay out a posting schedule to tie it all together.

Be Intentional with Your Content

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Instead of just going on social media for the sake of it, or posting anything you can find to fulfill posting requirements, act with intention. Before you just open up Instagram think if you have a purpose for it. You also want to be sure whatever you publish has thought behind it and aligns with your goals. This is why as we mentioned above, a social media strategy is key. Feeling an overall connection and purpose for what you’re posting online helps you feel more connected to your efforts. It’s not uncommon for some to feel trapped by the pressures of social media. So allowing yourself to take the time to create content you love will help you enjoy the overall process.

Engage with Your Audience

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We get so caught up in posting content, that we sometimes forget to connect with our audience. It’s important that you take the time to reply to comments, messages and mentions as much as you can. Your audience is what keeps your brand growing online. If you’re known for engaging back with them, it only helps to build their brand loyalty to you. But beyond that you should try and take it a step further by interacting directly with them. A great way to do that is to take the time to return comments and likes on their content, and following your most active followers.

Take Regular Social Breaks

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One of the best social media new year resolutions you can do is to remind yourself it’s okay to take a break. A healthy relationship with social media is one where you’re okay to log off and reconnect with yourself. Taking a weekend, or longer, off is not just great for your mental health, but your creative one too. Even the most talented creators need time to refresh their energy and reset their vision. You also want to be able to feel comfortable living in the moment with friends and family and not pressured to capture every single moment.