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Whether you’re starting a brand, running a business or trying your hand out at being an influencer, your username is everything. Not only is it on the front lines when it comes to your online brand, but it is how many people will identify you online. And even if you don’t have big plans for your social media, sometimes you just want to have a cool username. If you’re lucky and started your accounts early on you might not have to worry about securing your username. But if you are just starting out on social media, or have recently had a name change you might run into some problems. And that’s when you wonder: are social media username claims possible?

It is not uncommon to have decided on your desired username only to find out that it’s been taken. These days everyone uses some form of social media, meaning good usernames are harder to come by. Instagram for example has over a billion users! This can especially cause you some problems if this name is for your brand or business. Fortunately you do have some options when it comes to username claims on social media. But before we dive into that let’s take a look at why you should claim your usernames and some alternative options.

The Case for Social Media Username Claims

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Username claims aren’t for everyone however depending on your social media goals you might want to consider it. Whether you’re building your personal brand or marketing your business, consistency is a big part of your online presence. The last thing you want is for 3/4 of your usernames to be the same. Even worst if none of your social media handles match! This makes it extremely complicated for your audience to remember your username.

Brand consistency isn’t the only reason you might consider username claims on social media. For example if the account that has taken your username is impersonating you or your brand that’s a problem. Claiming your username should also be considered if your business or brand name is trademarked. Your username is your brand and it’s hard to grow that online without the proper ownership of your brand name.

Trying an Alternative Username

If you don’t have any ownership of a username, or are open to an alternative there are many ways you can find a username to work for you.

1. Trying Acronym or Initials – This is a great alternative for brand or businesses that have longer names. For example a company called Glen Forest Realty could use @gfrealty.

2. Using Prefixes or Suffixes – Personal brands can add “mr” or “mrs” to their names, but business can jump on this too. Short words like “we are” and “shop” can be added to the front of any username. You can also end a username with “co” or “org” for a business.

3. Adding Your City – Maybe your username is taken by someone in another city. Say there’s already a @flowyoga in Los Angeles, but you’re in New York. The username @flowyoganyc could be an option for you.

Social Media Username Claims

As we mentioned above if you’re being impersonated or own the trademark to your username you should consider claiming it. In fact, you’re actually entitled to it. Many social media networks like Twitter and Instagram actually have policies to protect intellectual property. And this includes usernames! Now, just because you own the username on several platforms, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it. Although if you do meet other criteria, it does help your case. You need to clearly own the rights to that username, meaning you have a trademark or something equivalent.

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If you don’t own the rights to the name, don’t worry you still have some options. If you notice the account isn’t be used for a business, or is inactive you might be able to ask for it. It doesn’t hurt to send a DM or email to the account asking if they would be open to giving you the username. They might decline, or not answer at all. But they might just say yes, even if it does come at a cost. But at least you’d have your username right?

However if this isn’t something you want to get into, there is one last hope.

Using a Username Claim Service

You could consider trying a username claim service, like the ones we offer. Unfortunately this can only work if the username you’re after is used by an inactive account for at least 2 years. But this is an option that requires no effort from your end and can guarantee results.

The username claim process with Wolf Global is fairly simple. You place your order for the username you’re after. Because we have direct relationships with the social media networks, we submit the request directly to them on your behalf. They verify that the account has been inactive for at least 2 years and then make the change to your username. From start to finish, the process takes about a week to deliver. The great thing about this is just like with all our other services we don’t need access to your account. We can also provide username claims for accounts that are verified, so you don’t have to worry about losing your check mark.