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The COVID-19 pandemic does not mean that Summer 2020 has to be cancelled. While most of our vacation plans may be on hold for now, that doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Staycations have never been more relevant in a time where travel isn’t really ideal. There are so many great staycation ideas for summer that can be just as fun as any long distance trip!

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Unfamiliar with staycations? They’re activities that are fun or relaxing that can be done at home or around where you live. A “vacation” without the long travel. It’s a fun and cost efficient way to entertain your family, friends and even yourself as we continue to spend more time at home. Plus, it’s a great way for Bloggers and Influencers to continue their content creation processes. Especially for those in the travel niche who might have to be recycling old content. Just because you can’t go travelling around Europe this summer, doesn’t mean your Instagram feed has to become selfies only.

So get off your couch and out of your sweatpants, and try one of these Instagram worthy staycation ideas for summer!


Staycation Ideas for Summer 2020


Cute Picnic in the Park

Nothing says “staycation” like an aesthetically pleasing picnic at the park or beach. The beauty of picnicking, especially in the midst of COVID-19, is it doesn’t require being around crowds. Take a few friends or your family out for some food, wine and sunning outside. All you really need is an old sheet to sit on, maybe an umbrella or a few chairs if you’re in it for the long haul. And then of course a quick trip to the grocery store for some picnic essentials. For an Instagrammable set up we prefer a classic wine, charcuterie, baguette, and fruit menu. But feel free to pack whatever you and your guests prefer!


Host Your Own Backyard Film Festival

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Hosting your own backyard film festival is the perfect way to staycation without leaving home this summer. And believe it or not it’s relatively easy to pull off. This is also a great activity if you have younger kids, or are looking for a staycation date night idea. If you have a large TV, pull it out into the yard with some extension cords. Or purchase a cheap projector and hang a white sheet somewhere in the yard. A few blow up couches, a spare mattress or some existing outdoor furniture assembled around the projector or TV instantly turns your backyard into a viewing party. We suggest picking a few movies in the same category or have each of your viewers pick their favorite to make this the real deal. Just get some popcorn, wine, bug-repellent candles, and hang some string lights for the perfect Instagram-worthy set up in your own backyard!


Host A Spa Day

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By now you’re probably missing your pamper days. For a nice and relaxing staycation idea, host your own spa day with family or a few friends. Pull out your slippers and your comfiest robe, put on some relaxing music and voilà! The way you pamper yourself is totally up to you. Throw on a face mask while doing a mani/pedi, try a deep conditioning hair mask or try a gua sha facial. Make some cucumber lemon water, or add a luxurious touch with champagne. There’s no wrong way to carry out this staycation idea. And if you have all of the supplies already, it costs next to nothing compared to going to an actual spa.

To take this up a level, we recommend setting a schedule for you and your friends. Start the day with a virtual yoga session, followed by a swim in the pool or a nice shower. Then into the robes for some manicures, pedicures, face masks and relaxation. As we said, the world is your oyster when it comes to a staycation spa day. And depending on how dedicated you are to the concept, it can be super Instagram worthy too!


Glamp Out In Your Own Backyard

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Ever heard of glamping? We learned about glamping recently and fell in love with the concept. If you’re new to this idea, it’s essentially “glamorous” camping, hence the term “glamping.” There are tons of sites around the world that offer glamping as a vacation destination. But recreating this in your backyard is the perfect way to staycation this summer. One of the great things about glamping is that it has no age range. Glamping is just as fun to do with your kids as it is to do with a significant other or best friend. So no matter what your situation, backyard glamping can be a really fun activity to do without having to leave your house.

Make it extra Instagram-worthy by pulling together your cutest interior decor and arrange it inside of the tent for a cozy, aesthetically pleasing set up.


Take A Day-Road Trip!

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As more and more areas are loosening their COVID-19 restrictions, consider taking a day trip! Day trips are great because they allow you to get away but don’t require staying at a hotel. There are tons of state parks, great beaches or lakes and restaurants with ample space for social distance seating that are worth making the drive for. Do some research into the area around you and take the time to visit some of the places “in your own backyard” this summer.


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