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Instagram Stories have come a long way since Facebook first launched it, and to many a surprise has become quite a popular way for brands and personalities to gain exposure. From connecting more personally with your followers on a daily basis to sharing your day to day adventures in real time there are so many ways to use Instagram Stories. But the truth is, many do not know how to use the to their advantage and could use some improvement tips for Instagram Stories. We asked some of our favorite Instagrammers how they get the most of their Stories and are sharing some best practices with you below!

1. Tell A Story

It’s great to be authentic in your Instagram Stories, but trying to tell a story with your content is a great way to captivate your followers and get people interested. Whether you choose create an entire storyline of your day, or create little short stories of events or things that happen throughout your day. Use a mix of videos, boomerangs and even written text to switch it up and keep your viewers excited.

2. Pre-Record Your Shots

Have you rewatched your Instagram Stories after publishing them and realized you were repetitive or forgot to mention something important? The next time you have a Story to do, whether its at random or for a paid collaboration, try filming each part and saving it to your camera roll rather than publishing right away. You can then go in and watch each snippet, and either refilm or add content to complete your message clearly. Posting every piece at the same time also gets your viewers seeing your message all at once, rather than having them wait minutes in between each Story, keeping them interested.

3. Experiment With Filters

Play around with all the features Instagram Stories have to offer and try out some of their filters next time. Whether you choose to use their face filters, or swipe through their overall filter collection to add some character. Some people also upload their Snapchat content to Instagram Story, which actually gives you a chance to have fun with even more filters!

4. Use Location Tags & Stickers

Another set of fun features for Instagram Stories is their Location tags and other range of stickers like polls, GIFs even a self portrait one. Location tags are a great way to get your content seen by people browsing Instagram by locations. Get your viewers interacting with your Instagram Story and ask questions with the built in poll sticker.

5. Be Yourself & Have Fun

The most important advice we have when it comes to creating Instagram Stories is be yourself and have fun while creating! The worst thing is watching content that seems over scripted, fake and overall unnatural. Your viewers and followers will really get to know who you are in your Stories, more than they would from a carefully curated video, photo or caption. This is your time to shine and let your personality show, and we hope that these tips for Instagram Stories will help you make it count!

Stay tuned to the blog for more tips for Instagram stories!