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To be successful in blogging and create the opportunity for yourself to make it more than just a hobby it takes a lot of work. Full time bloggers truly put in the time and dedication to produce quality content, but it also requires the right tools and gear to take your work to the next level. There are many articles out there about tools for bloggers, but most of them focus on the digital tools like editors. So we decided to break down some of the best tools for bloggers with this list of things anyone getting into blogging, vlogging or any other kind of digital content creation should own.

Best Tools For Bloggers


Tool #1:  Portable Charger

We’re not exaggerating at all when we say that a portable charger might be one of the most important tools for bloggers, and if you’re looking to start we recommend you own at least 2. Content is king for bloggers and influencers, which means a lot of filming and photography. A blogger with a dead phone or camera is basically the equivalent of a fireman without a hose, so having a way to charge your phone and other devices on the go is key. This is one of those tools for bloggers you do not want to find yourself without.

Quick little tip for purchasing portable chargers: not all portable chargers are made equal. Some chargers hold a lot of battery, others can only hold one full charge. If you can’t see yourself charging a smaller portable charger after every use, be sure to go after one that hold multiple charges of energy. We recommend investing a little more money and getting a good quality one, which also helps with the lifespan of your devices.

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Tool #2:  Compact Tripod

A tripod, of any sort, is really one of those game changer tools for bloggers and influencers for someone who doesn’t always have someone who can take our photos on a regular basis. Tripods are also one of the top tools for bloggers who want to shoot a lot of video content like tutorials or reviews, because they keep a steady video which helps improve content quality. A compact tripod is a great for travel bloggers or those who want to take their content on-the-go because they aren’t as bulky as traditional ones. They are also perfect for city bloggers who might be living in smaller condos because they save a tone of space (for more equipment of course). Although generally better suited for phones and tablets, there are also compact tripods available for DSLR.

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Tool #3:  Packing Cubes

Not one of the more obvious tools for bloggers, packing cubes are a little miracle that will change the game for you. They’re a great way to keep all your stuff organized from clothing to equipment, especially if you live in a smaller space. But they’re also great for traveling with, or for taking your studio on the road. Most bloggers shoot more than one look at a time, meaning that they go out to shoot with a few changes of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. on them. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, blogger’s back seats, trunks, suitcases or duffel are insane. It can best be described as the aftermath of a closet blowing up. Packing cubes are affordable and help you to section out your outfits into little, organized bags, No more scrambling through your bag or trunk to find the pieces of an outfit!

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Tool #4: Oil Blotting Sheets

This little secret is one of those tools for bloggers you wouldn’t expect. Oil blotting sheets are the world’s gift to our faces. If you’ve never used them, they are little sheets of flexible fabric that, when placed against the oil on your face, will soak it all up. This is really important in the summertime or, for those of us who have more oily skin, year round. I’m sure you’ve taken a photo before where your skin looked incredibly shiny, sweaty, or oily. Let’s just say, it’s not the best look. These oil blotting sheets are affordable, easy to pack in your bag or in your pocket, and will straight up save your photos. They’re not only one of the best tools for bloggers, but they’re a beauty hack every girl should have in her purse!

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Tool #5:  Ring Light

One of the most popular tools for bloggers has got to be the ring light. If you’ve never heard of a ring light, we’re positive that you have seen a video or photo where one was used. A ring light is essentially a light that’s ring shaped and with a mount in the center where your camera or phone is mounted. Ring lights are used by every and any beauty blogger and most vloggers out there today. There’s a good reason why almost everyone has a ring light. It illuminates your face in such a gorgeous way, we could almost equate it to a finishing powder. A good quality ring light can get expensive but is one of the tools for bloggers we suggest is worth it to get quality content. The one time investment is one that you will no doubt get our money’s worth.

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