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Influencer marketing has undoubtedly become one of the top ways for brands to market their brands and services. Instagram was the platform that really started influencer marketing. And with its many tools like shoppable posts it’s dominating the game. It’s easily a great return on investment for brands. Proven by the fact that the influencer industry is alive and well. Especially since we live in a world where everything from entertainment to shopping is moving online. And for brands looking to work with influencers or vice versa using Instagram influencer marketing platforms is a great way to get in the game.

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What Are Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms?

Instagram influencer marketing platforms are technology tools that allow brands and influencers to collaborate together. They are generally accessed either through a browser, an app or both. These platforms allow users to create a profile where they share social stats, creative work and contact information. This ultimately creates a database of users that brands can leverage for influencer campaigns.

On the brand side, brands can either search for influencers to invite to collaborate or create campaigns for influencers to apply to. Brands can select criteria for the types of influencers they’re looking to work with based on followers, niche and location. And as campaigns go live most platforms offer the chance for brands to view data like impressions and engagement.

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Beyond making connections Instagram influencer marketing platforms often help both brands and influencers organize projects. Many platforms keep track of the entire collaboration process from pitch to content publishing. It’s really no surprise why these platforms are such a critical tool in the world of influencer marketing.

Every influencer marketing platform is a little different. Some work exclusively with Instagram content while others offer opportunities across various social media channels like YouTube and TikTok. In some cases the platform work more as an agency vs an autonomous tool where an account manager pairs influencers with brands. And there are even influencer marketing platforms for different levels of influencers from nano to macro.

Top Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms in 2021


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Before you sign up to the first platform you find, there are a few things you should consider. Does it have the type of brands/influencers you’re looking to work with? Will the layout of the platform fit with how I like to work? Also keep in mind you don’t have to sign up for just one. Many brands and influencers work off of multiple influencer marketing platforms to further their reach. Now, before your head starts spinning let’s break down some of the more popular Instagram influencer marketing platforms available.

1. Activate

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One of the OGs of the influencer marketing world is Activate. Started in 2014 by popular blogging community BLOGLOVIN’ after 7 years of learning from their users. Today, Activate works with some of the biggest brands in the beauty, fashion and fitness spaces. The platform’s main goal is to connect influencers with brands and campaigns that fit their audience. A few highlights of Activate are:

  • Recent acquisition by Impact grew their roaster of brands
  • Long-term experience in the blogger/influencer space
  • Easy to use & well organized website

2. Upfluence

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Upfluence is a great platform if you’re looking to manage everything yourself. Because of it’s self-service format, it as a wide range of tools for both brands and influencers. It’s design to be used equally by small businesses and big brands like Microsoft. In addition to Instagram it also supports influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest to name a few. A few benefits of Upfluence include:

  • Great for brands and businesses of all sizes
  • Self-service platform with full management
  • Large database of users and content


3. AspireIQ

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AspireIQ is a great platform for influencers of all sizes on a variety of platforms, including Instagram. They work with a mix of big name brands and small businesses in a wide variety of niches. Dyson, Sand & Sky and Brooklinen are some notable brands that have hosted campaigns on AspireIQ . Some features of the platform include:

  • Large database of both influencers and brands
  • Built-in reporting to track campaign and content success
  • Full campaign management including content submission for review

4. Octoly

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If you’re an influencer looking to partner with some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, join Octoly. The platform is well known for hosting campaigns for luxury brands including Clarins, Yves Saint Laurent and Diptyque. Although one of our top recommendations for influencers, this isn’t a platform suited for smaller brands.

  • Manages gifted, paid and event campaigns
  • Top brands in the industry
  • Community of over 30K influencers

5. RewardStyle

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RewardStyle is definitively a platform that’s better suited for influencers. This influencer marketing platform is the first of it’s kind and the most popular with style influencers. It’s the name behind, the app that allows Instagrammers to create shoppable posts. In addition to gaining revenue from Instagram, they have other tools to help influencers monetize blog posts and sections of their website. Key highlights of RewardStyle:

  • Multidimensional influencer marketing tool with multiple ways to monetize
  • Platform geared toward influencers, not ideal for small businesses
  • Most popular revenue tool for style and beauty influencers on Instagram


6. #Paid

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At #Paid they do influencer marketing a little different. Most importantly they focus on influencers who create quality content and fit with a brand’s identity. Reach and engagement come second. This means not only do brands get content that works for them, influencers can stick to working with brands that fit their model. Their unique approach to matching brands and influencers is probably due to the fact that they’re another OG of the influencer marketing.

  • Pairs brands and influencers based on identity and quality
  • Invitation based campaigns system
  • Allows integration with both Whitelist Ads and Facebook Ads Manager


7. BrandSnob

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Finally we’ve come to BrandSnob. An app based platform that’s focus is on brands finding the right influencers. In addition to applying for an account, influencers must meet a set of criteria. So this means as a brand you’re sure to find top quality influencers on BrandSnob. But quality come at a cost, so expect to pay influencers for their work in addition to providing products or services. Some features of BrandSnob are:

  • High quality roaster of screened influencers
  • Mobile app access only
  • Brands choose from self-serviced or managed campaigns