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So you’re in the market for a smartphone. You dropped it in the kitchen sink while doing the dishes. Or maybe you’re finally due for an upgrade. With Christmas just around the corner there’s no better gift for yourself, or perhaps the content creator in your life. But with so many options out on the market today, it can be a little overwhelming to decided. One things for sure, those who use their smartphones for social media content need a tool that they can maximize. Luckily when it comes to smartphones they’re not all comparable, especially when it comes to camera quality.

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A couple things to keep in mind with any technology is immediately once they’re released, they become obsolete. Smartphone manufactures are continuously working to improve performance and user functions. So when you’re shopping for smartphones for social media content your best bet is to go with something at the top of the market. That way, you’re guaranteed to get the most life out of the product you select.

Smartphones for Social Media Content Criteria

While putting together this list we looked at a few different factors and features. While iOS users are reserved to iPhones, Android users get a few different options when it comes to hardware. However while looking at both sides of the tech space we kept the same criteria across the board.

  • Overall Camera Quality – Not all smartphone cameras perform the same. When it comes to social media content you definitively want to make sure you have the best for your needs. Meaning you also want to consider the type of content you’re creating. A streetstyle blogger will have different camera requirements over a videographer.
  • Special Functions/Capabilities – Every smartphone has its own special functions or unique capabilities that makes it desirable. Understanding what your smartphone is able to do is important in making your decision.
  • General Tech Specs – Overall a smartphones performance with creating social media content relies on the power behind it. Remember it’s not just a camera. So asides from just capturing content, there’s editing, planning and publishing to handle. And your smartphone is the hub for that entire process.

Top Smartphones for Social Media Content

iPhone 13 Pro


For Apple fans there’s really only one option on this list, especially if you’re budget is limitless. The iPhone 13 Pro is the latest release from Apple which they launched in the fall. This latest model totally blows away the iPhone 12 Pro on every level. As one of the top smartphones for social media content on the market, it has great performance and even better camera quality. One thing users have pleasantly noted is the long lasting battery life compared to iPhones of the past.

Shop: iPhone 13 Pro from $999

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Wolf Global_Smartphones for Social Media Content_Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

In the world of Android, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is at the top of it’s class. With it’s mega sized screen and multi-lense camera, it’s sure to be one of the best smartphones for social media content. A great feature with all the Note line of smartphones from Samsung is they come equipped with an S Pen stylus. What set’s the Ultra model apart is it’s 6.9 inch screen. So while the size of this device might not work for everyone, it’s tablet comparable size makes it perfect for taking and editing content.

Shop: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra from $1,199.99

Motorola Moto G Power

Wolf Global_Smartphones for Social Media Content_Motorola Moto G Power

If you’re looking for the most affordable option without compromising too much performance, the Motorola Moto G Power is what you need. Besides being under $300, this smartphone has a moderately sized display and great core features. Probably the most notable feature is the huge 5000 mAh battery that’s lifespace can reach two days, even with regular usage. While you’re not going to get as impressive of a camera as you would on an iPhone 13 Pro, with today’s technology this camera can get the job done. While we wouldn’t recommend this camera for someone who’s looking to shoot videos or high quality images. But it’s good enough to get simple social media content for Instagram or Facebook.

Shop: Motorola Moto G Power from $249.99

iPhone 13

Wolf Global_Smartphones for Social Media Content_iPhone 13

While the Pro is at the top of our list, it’s important to call out the iPhone 13. Not only is it a more affordable option compared to the pro, but it’s capabilities aren’t that far behind. Both versions are equipped with a powerful A15 Bionic processor, 5g capabilities and long lasting batteries. Not to mention they both run on iOS 15 software out of the box. There are only a few small details that differentiate both models, with the iPhone 13 not having a telephoto lens and an aluminum frame (the Pro is made from steel).

Shop: iPhone 13 from $699

Google Pixel 6

Wolf Global_Smartphones for Social Media Content_Google Pixel 6

One thing that sets Google apart from other smartphone manufactures is that like Apple their smartphones are designed exclusively with their operating system closely in mind. That’s of course due to the fact that Google is the company behind the Android operating system. A perk to that their smartphones are the first to experience updates and new features that are released. The Pixel 6 is probably the smartphone with the best value on our list, being moderately priced versus comparable models. With a 6.4 inch display and a camera in it’s own class, anyone with a Google Pixel 6 is sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Shop: Google Pixel 6 from $549

Our Verdit on Smartphones for Social Media Content

If you ask us, your choice should ultimately depend first on your overall budget. If you’re looking to go for the top of the line, you’re obvious choice is the iPhone 13 Pro. While many Android fans might strongly disagree with this statement, there’s no denying Apples superpower on the creative side of mobile tech. Beyond that the new A15 Bionic processor is extremely powerful and able to stay that way thanks to Apple’s track record with regular updates. Their focus on improving the iPhone’s notoriously bad battery life is another reason to give this smartphone a shot.

On the other hand, we also had to include our pick for the best overall value and performance. And that designation goes to the Google Pixel 6. Not only does this smartphone hit the mark on all this performance but it also is a lot more budget friendly.