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Just like with style or home decor, social media design trends are very much a thing. Think back to what content looked like in 2011… over exposed filters and handwritten fonts ruled our screens. Over the years, social media design trends have definitively evolved, as technology has advanced. Not to mention the fact that throughout the years, social media platforms have adapted to become more visually friendly.

For 2022, it’s no surprise that video content is continuing to rule the online landscape. But what if you’re looking to take your social media step forward? You might want to consider investing some focus on graphic. And whether you’re planning to create them yourself or hire a freelancer, it’s important for you to know what social media design trends are. That way you can have more control over your creatives while making sure you’re content is staying relevant to the times.

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Want to ensure your social media is on trend and optimized for maximum engagement? We’re here to help! We searched the internet far and wide to bring you the top social media design trends for 2022. So sit back and get ready to take notes while we discuss all things social media design!

Social Media Design Trends for 2022

1. Maximalism

Wolf Global_Social Media Design Trends_Maximalism

The response to minimalism, maximalism is taking over in 2022. This social media design trend includes lots of colors, tones, textures, shapes… lots of everything! Think bold, dramatic and excessive. So for this year expect to see a lot of the typical white content being replaced with vibrant colors, contrasting patterns, funky fonts and bold textures.

2. 3D Imagery

As technology advances with things like the Metaverse, graphic designs are playing around with 3D imagery and content. This new style adds a lot of interest and depth to your content versus traditional ways of illustrating. It’s a great way to add more realism to your social media content without the need for real life models or full on photoshoots.

3. 90s & Y2K Vibes

Wolf Global_Social Media Design Trends_Y2K

The 90s are coming back strong in all areas of life, including social media design trends. Whether it’s camcorder style videos or Frasurbane style content (think muted tones, serif fonts and lots of beige) expect to see a lot of it! We’re also sure to see a lot of bold color blocking, repetitive geometric patterns and even an ode to grunge.

And just like that as we enter a new decade, another old one just had to make a comeback: Y2K. This is a huge hit of nostalgia for Millennials and Gen Z alike. With this graphics trend expect to see a lot of glitter, butterflies and bubblegum color schemes.

4. Expressive Fonts

While we had a few years of dominance by minimal sans-serif fonts, however in 2022 that is all changing. Expressive fonts are going to dominate graphic content, to keep in line with the 90s and Y2K influences. It’s all about being experimental with your fonts. And taking from the 3D imagery trend, expect to see a lot of 3D typography that’ll make text appear more lifelike.

5. Flat Illustrations

Wolf Global_Social Media Design Trends_Flat Illustrations

In total contrast to another trend on this list, flat illustrations will play an equally important part in 2022 graphics. These playful graphics are a fun way to communicate your message or tell a story to your audience. This is a great direction to take if your brand identity is a bit more minimal, instead of going with 3D graphics.

6. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are a great way to add structure and organization to your graphics. Thankfully just like in 2021, it’s just as relevant in social media design trends for 2022. Asides from just patterns, geometric shapes in general can add a lot of structure to your overall graphics. However you should be mindful of the psychology behind shapes. For example triangles are generally associated with motion and risk, whereas squares suggest stability and proportions.

7. UI Digitalism

Wolf Global_Social Media Design Trends_UI Digitalism

You might think you haven’t heard of UI digitalism, but chances are you’ve seen it around. It’s essentially content that pulls from UI elements like text messages, reminders and search bars. This social media design trend focuses on clean lines, flat shapes and UI typography. Because of the strong influence of the digital space, this is one of those graphic trends that any brand can encompass effortlessly.

8. Bold Backgrounds

While neutral color palettes are still big, in 2022 you’re also sure to see contrasting bold backgrounds. So for those of you who are big fans of bright colours and fun patterns this is your time to shine! Just like with other trends, using bold backgrounds is a great way to incorporate multiple design trends without looking like you’re trying too hard. For example bold color blocking is a great way to bring some 90s nostalgia into your content

9. “Zine” Style Creatives

Wolf Global_Social Media Design Trends_Zine

Zine style creatives are a great way to give an editorial feel to your social media content. These designs use elements such as gradients, frames and flashy layouts. Color schemes are generally playful and are a neon-pastel hybrid. Ultimately however the look and feel of your content will depend on your branding. Opposed to traditional magazine style formats, the zine style is much more fresh and youthful.

10. Retro

The 90s are the only decade to be apart of social media design trends. For those looking for funky and playful content the retro vibe of the 60s and 70s might be worth considering. To achieve this look you’ll want to pair neons, pastels and neutrals all together with quirky shapes and typography. It’s perfect for anyone or brand who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.