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There are so many awesome Travel Instagram accounts that have become our daily joyous virtual routine. They provide us with a little snapshot into their lives and some amazing inspiration when planning our next trip, or day dreaming when we can’t get away. These pages give us a compact digital postcard from very different parts of the world and gives us a chance to explore new places from the comfort of, well wherever we are! We’ve decided to share 5 of our favorite travel Instagram Accounts to help inspire your inner travel bug!


Quin is a world explorer with a passion for the outdoors and the wilderness. He shares adventure photos featuring incredibly colorful places. From mountains and lakes, to oceans and deserts, he always manages to capture the most perfect moments. No matter what he is capturing, his style of photography makes the scenery seem large and powerful, reminding us just how small we are in this big world He captures beautiful images of people, landscapes, and animals from around the world. His page makes us feel like Quin is taking us along on his adventures to share the best views from around the world. Whether he’s using a DSLR or just his simple iPhone camera, his images are always mesmerizing and invigorating.


Kirsten shoots awesome travel photos. Her daily updates are like mini blog posts full of information about the regions she’s visiting. Her way of writing captions turns her posts into these wonderful stories to get lost in. We could definitely use some of her storytelling tips. Her snapshots of architecture and buildings from around the world are simply stunning. We love Kirsten’s page for feeding your travel dreams, from wildlife adventures to exploring new cities, we are definitively not without destination options.


Daniel shoots some of the most breathtaking landscape images from places like Norway, Russia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and more. We’re always so inspired by his work. The way he captures landscapes and other sceneries along with his style of photo editing Daniel is able to turn is photos into dreamlands, gorgeous moments that don’t even seem real – and look more like paintings. If you’re looking to start capturing your travels like a professional, Daniel actually provides photography tutorials on his website.


Travis is a US based photographer, who together with his girlfriend capture the beauty of national parks, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, beaches and around the US and the world. His photography brings out the fantasy and magic of some of the most exotic locations ever. He’s also insanely good at capturing night skills filled with stars, and capturing the depths of mountainous locations.


Chelsea’s beautiful images make us want to travel around with her. Luckily we can follow her adventures on her Instagram page. If you’re a fan of water and tropical locations and exotic destinations, than you’ll most likely enjoy her account. Our beautiful world becomes more beautiful and even more alive when captured through Chelsea’s lens.

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