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Travel Influencers are a big market on Instagram, and personally some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow. It’s something special that we can travel the world through someone else’s eyes all from the comfort of our own homes, all thanks to the internet. Travel Influencers share with us not only beautiful travel destinations, but the city’s histories, restaurants and architecture which is always exciting to experience. A lot of travel Influencers also share their travel style, which for us fashionistas is a plus. Travel Influencers are a great way to find your next vacation destination inspiration, learn better traveling tips and just daydream about traveling the world.

Travel Influencers invest a ton of work, money, and time that not everybody has. Because of that, we’re endlessly grateful to the travel Influencers in this article who have shared their journeys around the world with us, for free. Luckily, as travel Influencers grow their following they have the opportunity to work with resorts, regional tourism boards and airlines, but travel based companies, clothing brands and other endorsement opportunities that compliment their wanderlust lifestyles. The mega travel Influencers are also at times even paid to share their vacations with us on their Instagrams and blogs, making this a lucrative business if you’re good at what you do. This is how a lot of travel influencers afford their jetset lifestyles, and turn their travel hobbies into full time jobs.

There are so many travel Influencers out there, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find someone you can relate to, that’s why we went through Instagram’s finest travel Influencers and picked out some of our current favourites. A quick scroll through any of these travel influencers’ pages will take you from Bali to Patagonia, Machu Picchu to Abu Dhabi, Iceland to Indonesia, without having to book a single flight. These incredibly talented travel influencers are skilled photographers and amazing storytellers. Check them out and let us know your favorites in the comments below!

Travel Influencers on Instagram

@leaguetravels by Zach & Tara Brose

We discovered these travel Influencers way back when they were still living in Brooklyn. Since then, this amazing couple packed up their bags, sold their apartment and traded it all in for a life of adventure. It’s been an incredibly amazing process to watch this from the outside, and their photos are awe-inspiring. On top of being incredible genuine people, they’re both insanely talented, as I’m sure you can tell from the quick look at the photos we chose to feature. You can expect a lot of amazing drone shots, underwater photography and unreal sunsets from these two. A quick scroll through their Instagram will take you from New York City, to Bali, then back through Italy and on to Tokyo. These two have recently grown their Instagram to be in the 70k range, and it’s shocking to us that they haven’t broken 100k yet. Be sure to check them out and give them a follow! We promise you won’t be sorry.

@chelseakauai by Chelsea Yamase

Chelsea, of @chelseakauai, is your classic Hawaiian babe. She surfs, she hikes, she wanders, and looks gorgeous while doing it. This girl is incredibly creative, always going the extra mile for the shot. The great thing about Chelsea is that she’s well connected in the travel influencer space. She often collaborates with our other favorite travel blogs, creating content that’s twice as awesome. Chelsea often does a ton of Instagram stories, as well, which lets her viewers experience the places she travels in a new way. You’ll see a ton of tropical locations on her feed, like Bora Bora, Hawaii and Greece, but she also ventures out to some other cool locations, like Alberta, Canada and a ton of the nation’s national parks. She’s one of our favorite travel Influencers for the versatility in her destinations.

@captainpotter by Sam Potter

Sam Potter is one of our all-time favorite travel Influencers, and like Cheslea, also comes from Hawaii. Sam is one of those traveler Influencers who really immerses himself in the places he visits. He meets the locals, tries the cuisine, goes off the beaten path. His captions tell stories of the places he’s been and the people he’s met there. His travel-focused instagram is much more than just cool looking photos, and it’s rewarding to following him in that way. Sam can often be found under (or on) the water, hence the instagram handle, but he travels the rest of the earth’s land, too. Some of his recent travels include Guatemala, Turkey and Zimbabwe.  

@valentinamarzullo by Valentina Marzullo

Valentina is a different kind of travel influencer, and we love her for it. Of all the blogger categories, Valentina Marzullo is mainly a fashion blogger, with a serious focus on travel giving her followers the best of both worlds, something we love in travel Influencers. She’s chic, adventurous, and as you can tell from her photos and editing style, very talented. On top of being envious of her closet, you can also gawk at her frequent travels through Europe and the rest of the world. Another thing we particularly love about this blogger is her editing style. She’s created an effortlessly cool, vintage vibe for her feed and it’s refreshing to see travel content without the standard crisp, high contrast look.

@chrisburkard by Chris Burkard

Oh, Chris Burkard. Where do we even start with this photographer turned travel blogger? If you haven’t taken a second to look at the photos above, go back a take a look. How cool is his work? Chris Burkard is a pretty well known landscape photographer whose work has become so insanely popular on Instagram that he’s become a travel blogger in his own right. He definitively sets himself apart from other travel Influencers. His work is characterized by a ton of really artistic aerial shots, galaxy and northern light photography, arctic surfing shots and daring perspectives. For photographing landscapes, his photography and editing style add a ton of visual movement, so we’re never bored with his work. Well, well worth checking his work out (or buying a piece for your living room wall).

We love finding inspiration through Instagram accounts such as travel Influencers! If you’re looking for more great Instagram accounts, head to the Wolf Blog for more of our top Instagram Influencers in beauty, style, fitness and more!