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VSCO edits for Instagram have been some of the most popular ways to spice up your images before publishing them on Instagram. VSCO is one of the most popular and well rounded tools for mobile photography editing loved by bloggers, brands and Instagrammers alike. The app was founded in 2011 and has come along way since VSCO (formerly VSCO Cam) first launched in the market. VSCO actually started as Adobe Lightroom presets for photographers, but later built up a mobile app with the rise of phone photography and of course, Instagram.

If you haven’t heard of VSCO, it’s an app available for both Android and iPhone platforms that allows you to edit images and more recently videos with their membership service, VSCO X. VSCO accepts both JPEG and Raw file formats, making it a versatile choice for the public. You can apply custom edits to things like exposure, tint and saturation or use many of the both free and paid pre-made filters, what they call presets, available in their shop. You can also build pre-made edits that mix your favourite settings with presents to make editing even easier.

The app also has its own published library where you can share your work with the VSCO community. This feature is due to VSCO’s acquisition of Artifact Uprising in 2015. You can also add captions and hashtags to the images you publish, similar to an Instagram post.

As we mention before, VSCO has presets that can be used to edit your images that are both free, and paid. A lot of the best and most popular filters though happen to be the paid ones, which usually come in packs that for the most part are affordable. It can be a bit hard to settle on an Instagram theme, almost as difficult as committing to what to have for dinner. If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve found 5 great VSCO edits for Instagram that are sure to make your feed stand out from the rest!

1. Soft

We love this soft, creamy filter for the VSCO app. It has us vibing on iced coffees and sandy beaches. It’s a very muted filter option with a slight decrease in saturation to give it that soft feel on the eyes. This is a great choice of VSCO Instagram theme for Instagram content from beauty bloggers and foodies with a specialty in pastries. This VSCO theme works best with brighter images, but can also work for those with darker tones.

2 .Bold

If bold, high contrast images are more your style, look no further than this VSCO theme option! This VSCO theme has cool tones and slight contrasting while still doing a great job at keeping skin tones warm and bronzy. It is slightly on the darker side, with a lowered exposure so we recommend using brighter images for this VSCO theme, or not going as dark with the exposure while you edit. This is a great pick for style and beauty bloggers, and those who love taking flat lay photography!

3. Pretty

We dedicate this VSCO themes to millennials thanks to its millennial pink, rose gold vibe. The edits in this VSCO preset give photos a golden rose glow paired with soft pastels. This is a great VSCO theme for someone looking for a softer feel to their feed, and would work great for travel bloggers, style bloggers and home decor Instagram accounts. We recommend sticking to lighter based images, as that is when this theme works best.

4. Bright

Not shy of bright colours? Then this is the VSCO theme for you. This is the perfect Instagram theme for travel influencers, food bloggers and make-up artists as it allows colours to pop with high contrasts and bold saturations within it’s edits. If monochrome, and minimal photography is more your style, this might not be the theme for you because this VSCO edit truly shines when used on photos with colour!

5. Retro

Vintage looking Instagram themes are all the rage lately, with everyone loving the look of 3D effects, dust edits and light leaks to enhance their content. This VSCO theme has us dreaming of an old school diner filled with fries and milkshakes galore. Models, style influencers and lifestyle bloggers are sure to love this edit for their content!

Now that we’ve shared some of our favourite VSCO edits for Instagram, have you found something you like? You might still be finding it hard to settle on something even with only 5 options. As we’ve mentioned in many of our other articles on the Wolf Blog, have a cohesive theme to your Instagram feed is a great way to set your overall brand and have not just your content, but your entire Instagram feed.

The first thing we suggest you look at is your overall brand, whether you’re a business, influencer or just an Instagrammer who wants a nice feed. How do you view yourself? Are you gentle and feminine? Bold and sassy? Or strong and adventurous? These are all things that can help you influence your choice of VSCO edits for Instagram.

Another thing we recommend you look at is your style of photography, before it’s edited. Are you shooting with natural or studio lights? What kind of content are you shooting, or style of photography do you take? These are all things that can help you decide between a bright bolder VSCO theme or something softer.

Don’t feel like you’re stuck with just one theme for life. We see loads of feeds that rotate their themes be it yearly, every few months or even ever 9 posts, to change up the story for that set of images. Your Instagram feed is a representation of you, which means that the only way your Instagram feed will truly shine is if you’re happy with the content you’re posting. Don’t forget to be adventurous and have fun to keep your creativity flowing.

Whatever VSCO edits for Instagram you decided to go with, your feed will always look great if it’s authentic to you!