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Winter can be a hard time of year to come up with creative content for Instagram. Gloomy days, cold weather and slushy streets isn’t the most attractive conditions to have a photoshoot in. Mix that with a lot of the pandemic lockdowns still going on worldwide, and the options available become even less. Content creators and bloggers have spent majority of the year extremely limited in terms of where they can create content. That rings especially true with travel influencers whom many of them have had to pivot their brands to adjust the the times. So having to come up with winter photoshoot ideas for Instagram content can add an extra set of challenges.

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Wolf Global_Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram_Girl Outdoors

Winter photoshoot ideas for Instagram require more us of your imagination that usual. Limitations on where you can shoot, and leaving your photoshoots plans at the mercy of the weather. Not to mention style influencers who’ve had to switch out their stilettos for snow boots. But for many content creators out there letting the snow and freezing temperatures slow them down isn’t an option. Many rely on content creation far beyond just being a creative outlet. For some it’s their main source of income. So as the famous saying goes “the show must go on”. Which means it’s important to get creative and make the best of what you have

Luckily we did the brainstorming for you and put together some winter photoshoot ideas for Instagram that are sure to help get your creative juices flowing!

Creative Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram

1. Snow Days At Home

Wolf Global_Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram_Snow Days At Home

Probably one of the easiest ideas on our list that doesn’t involve going anywhere, is shooting a snow day at home! And with that, there are so many things you can come up with so we suggest you keep this idea on the top of your list. Have you been baking up a storm lately? Get a shot of you in action, or set up a beautiful flat lay of your baked goods. Or maybe you’ve been working on health and fitness this winter? Why not capture your yoga progress, or maybe share your favourite at-home workout looks. People are craving real and authentic content so take this opportunity to give them exactly that.

2. Winter Wonderland Adventures

Wolf Global_Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram_Winter Wonderland

This next one is a great idea for travel influencers who have been stuck at home base. Why not take a day or weekend trip out into the wilderness for some R&R and content creation? Many are taking the travel restrictions from the pandemic as an opportunity to explore their own cities and countries. From a slow-paced country vibe to some adventure up in the mountains, there are so many winter activities you can incorporate into your content schedule. Winter activities not your thing? Then why not head up into the snowy wilderness for a quick outfit shoot? The juxtaposition of style mixed with nature is a shot your followers are sure to love!

3. Home Decor Inspiration

Wolf Global_Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram_Home Decor

One activity a lot of people have been doing with all this time at home? Renovations. Blame it on boredom, or maybe staring at your house all day made you sick of the look. Either way if you caught the home decor bug over the last few months, why not share some inspiration with your followers? It doesn’t matter if your projects were a big undertaking or a small DIY job, everyone is loving the home decor inspiration lately. A great way to stretch out this idea is to do a home decor series. You can reveal a room a week, or talk about specific areas of one room over a few days.

4. Snowy City Streets

New York, Paris, Montréal, Berlin… who doesn’t love a picture of snowy city streets? Good winter content doesn’t require you to leave the city. A lot of style influencers continue to shoot those outfit pictures snow or shine. If you are going to shoot in the city during the winter, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. Firstly, you always want to try and shoot right after the snow falls. Too much car traffic and you’ll end up with a slushy brown background, not a white fluffy one. Also avoid shooting when it’s snowy and sunny. The sunlight reflects on the snow and could either wash you out or over expose your images. And if you can, try to make it out to shoot while it’s snowing! There’s something about the depth falling snowflakes bring to an image that we just can’t describe.

5. Cozy Night In

Wolf Global_Winter Photoshoot Ideas for Instagram_Cozy Night In

The opposite to snow days in? Cozy nights in of course! And just like the first idea on our list this one allows so many different types of content you can come up with! Maybe it’s sharing your date night in dinner, or you snuggling up by the fire. Either way take advantage of these precious moments you create at home, and shoot them to share with your followers.