Wolf Global groups have been around for over a year now, and our community has grown and changed so much since we first began. If you’re new to Wolf Global or have just come across us, we’re a community of Instagram engagement groups where Bloggers, Influencers and other Instagrammers have a space to exchange likes and comments on their content. Wolf Global groups are hosted on Telegram, a chat platform available for both mobile devices and web-based for easy access anywhere. Currently, the Wolf Global community has over 40 groups filled with over 500,000 members exchanging engagement daily.

When we first launched Wolf Global back in 2017, we started with the idea of starting a few small groups to get Instagrammers together exchanging content. Back then engagement pods where big with Influencers but they were mostly small privately hosted networks of 10-15 members. There were originally designed when Instagram algorithms started to take over feeds and Influencers needed a way to work around them and get their content seen. Slowly engagement pods were becoming more popular and bigger networks like ours were starting to appear.

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When we launched back in 2017, we started with the idea of starting a few small groups to get Instagrammers together. The next thing we knew we had 10 groups going strong with thousands of members and more joining daily. We knew we had to take the engagement pods and the experience to the next level, and build a strong community of high quality members. We began by optimizing the community with custom built bots to monitor and provide support, and open channels on Instagram to provide information and support to our members. Fast forward just over a year and here we are today with engagement pods, support channels, blog and online shop. We thought it was a good time to reintroduce Wolf Global and go through everything we offer to our members and customers.

A Guide To Wolf Global

Wolf Global Groups

We have a wide range of engagement pods for a variety of engagement needs, that can all be accessed on Telegram here. Read more about them below.

Likes & Comments

Our likes and comments engagement pods are our original groups. We have 6 divisions of groups: Onyx, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz and Amber that all have a 24 hour likes and 5 post comment groups. Our Onyx and Sapphire divisions also have a 24 hour comment group. These are probably our most popular engagement pods used by our members daily. Our 24 hour likes groups have a 2 post a day limit, the 24hr comment groups have a 1 post a day limit, and the comment groups have no post limits, so long as members follow the 5 post cycle.


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The Powerlikes groups were created to give members engagement pods to get quick rounds of likes. These groups are in 10 post cycle and are perfect to drop newly published posts for quick likes. We have 5 Powerlikes groups that for different levels of followers minimums: 1K, 5K, 10K, 30K and 50K followers. The Powerlikes engagement pods do not have daily post limits, so long as members follow the 10 post cycle.


Our Viral engagement pods are kind of a compliment to the Powerlikes engagement pods, created to get quick rounds of comments. The Viral engagement pods are in a 5 post cycle and just like the Powerlikes engagement pods have no daily post limits. The Viral engagement pods are also great to use shortly after publishing your posts since they move fast thanks to their short cycle. There are 6 Viral engagement pods: 1K, 5K, 30K, 50K and 100K follower minimums.


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We started to get some feedback for engagement pods that could provide our members with a significant amount of likes without taking long to complete like our 24hr likes engagement pods, so we decided to open up Turbo groups. These engagement pods are in 50 post cycles, that take a few minutes to complete engagement. We group the Turbo engagement pods in 4 categories: 3K, 8K, 15K and 25K follower minimums.


Wolf Global was created mainly with Bloggers and Influencers in mind, that’s why we launched our Niche engagement pods in order to help them get comments and likes from like-minded Instagrammers. We currently have 4 niche groups for members that cover the biggest niches on Instagram: Fitness & Health, Travel & Food, Fashion & Beauty Comments and Fashion & Beauty Likes. The Fitness & Health, Travel & Food and Fashion & Beauty Comments groups are 5 post cycle groups for comments. The Fashion & Beauty Likes group is a 24hr Likes group. These groups are open to all members, however only niche related posts are allowed to be shared in the groups.


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Our Waves group is it’s own unique group from the rest of our engagement pods. For those who are familiar with the world of engagement pods, our Waves group is a rounds concept engagement pod for members. If you’re new to engagement pods, rounds groups work on scheduled time drops where members shared their Instagram username, and their most recent post is then collected in a link list and shared with members. Members then have a specific set them to complete the engagement, or a warning is issued. Currently, we have a Waves Likes group open for members, with 3 drop times daily. You can learn more about our Waves group here.

Wolf Global Channels

Once the Wolf Global community started to get big and we had a handful of engagement pods, we had to create centralized places to share key information with all our members. We decided to open Wolf Global channels where we could share things like updates, scheduled maintenance, how-to’s and other information we thought was useful for our members. We encourage all our members to join every Wolf Global support channel to get the most out of our engagement pods.

News & Updates

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News & Updates is where we share all the important information relating to Wolf Global. Here we’ll post updates, scheduled maintenance, Wolf Global news and any new launches we have. We encourage members to check here daily to stay up to date with any key announcements we may have to share with them.

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Wolf Global 101

As new members joined our engagement pods, it got hard for our small team to continuously coach every single one with how to use our engagement pods. We also wanted to start sharing tips on using the groups, Instagram and other information we thought would help our members on their Instagram journey. Wolf Global 101 was born, and is a great resource for all our members filled with great reads to help them use our engagement pods.

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Probably our most important and in-demand channel is the Wolf Global Entry channel. This is where the links to all our engagement pods are hosted along with the links to our support channels, and other key links like the Wolf Blog and Wolf Shop. The Entry channel is the main portal into our engagement pods and the world of Wolf Global!

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Wolf Analytics

Along with channels, we opened up one resource group for our members, Wolf Analytics. It’s here where members can get detailed Instagram analytics such as their profile statistics, hashtag reports and post performance tracking. A big perk to Wolf Analytics is it does not require any login information, so on top of checking their own Instagram analytics, members can also check up on their competition to see how they rank amongst their piers!

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Wolf Analytics 101

We opened a dedicated channel for Wolf Analytics, Wolf Analytics 101, so members had a centralized place to learn how to use the analytics tool and stay updated with any news and information relating to Wolf Analytics. Any member that uses Wolf Analytics is encouraged to join this channel!

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Wolf Global Support

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In addition to our support channels, we have a few extra tools to help our members navigate our engagement pods. We highly recommend our members utilize both of these tools to get the most out of their experience with Wolf Global

Wolf Global Bot

We created our own in-house bot, know as the Wolf Global Bot to customize the way our engagement pods our managed. The Wolf Global Bot is responsible for the main monitoring and security of the groups which includes automatically checking members are completing the requirement engagement. But the Wolf Global Bot does more than just monitor our engagement pods, it’s also a great tool for members to use for support.

The Wolf Global Bot has 2 ways to provide support to members: support tickets and self-service. To manage support issues and ensure members are being helped, we designed a support ticket system where all inquiries must go through rather than messaging admins directly. There are 4 main support areas where members can get help: Warns/Bans, Report Abuse, Shop Services and Feedback. All tickets submitted through the bot are responded to by our team within 24 hours. With the self-service features of Wolf Global Bot, members can check and resolve their warnings in groups, get group rules and be sent the link lists from groups that require engagement.

You can learn more about the Wolf Global Bot here.

Wolf Global Auto Liker Extension for Chrome

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The Wolf Global Auto Liker Extension for Chrome was created by us as our engagement pods grew as a way to help ease engagement for members. The Auto Liker Extension’s main use is for our 24 hour and long cycle engagement pods, like the Turbo groups. To use the Auto Liker Extension, you must be on a desktop device that has Google Chrome, and pull the link lists from the Wolf Global Bot.

You can learn more about the Wolf Global Auto Liker Extension for Chrome and download it here.

Wolf Blog

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In addition to our engagement groups, we like to give even more to our members to help them with their Instagram strategies. We decided to share content with tips, tricks, news and other Instagram related content and launched the Wolf Blog for our community. The Wolf Blog publishes weekly and features a wide array of topics from photography, content strategies, inspiration accounts and other articles to help our members with their Instagram journey.

Catch-up on the Wolf Blog here.

Wolf Shop

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It wasn’t long before our members were inquiring about paying for catch-up free drops, paid Instagram services to give them even more of a boost, and at Wolf Global we like to give people what they ask for. We opened the Wolf Shop for members to get Instagram services from Likes, IGTV Views and Hashtag Research Services. We also recently launched exclusive services such as Official Instagram Verifications and Organic Instagram Growth.


We’re the #1 leader in Instagram engagement pods, and as much as we worked hard for that a big part of it is thanks to our dedicated members who make the community what it is. See for yourself why Influencers, Bloggers and Instagrammers love it here and join Wolf Global engagement pods today!