Wolf Global Galactic update launched today for our community! Our team worked long and hard to come up with the best update yet to give back to the Wolf Global community to celebrate our 1 year. We thought out long and hard about all the features, new services and updates we could give to our members as a way to thank them for being a part of the Wolf Global community to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

We had a bunch of things launch for the Wolf Global Galactic update throughout the days leading up to today such as all Wolf Global engagement groups going totally public, new Wolf Shop services like Instagram Verification and releasing Live Studio – our fast shop dashboard for Instagram related services from Wolf Shop. But today, to mark the official Galactic Launch we’re releasing Wolf Waves, and Wolf Forum.

We wanted to go through every aspect of the Wolf Global Galactic update so you understand everything that is now available through Wolf Global.

All Wolf Global Groups Now Public

Probably one of the biggest parts of the Wolf Global Galactic update is that as of today, all Wolf Global groups are fully public. What does this mean? We decided after months of keeping groups closed and opening a select few on a rotating basis, that it was now time to open the flood gates and have the entire community fully public.

All requirements will still apply such as follower minimums and niche requirements, but members are now welcomed to move throughout groups and join a few, or all of Wolf Global engagement pods.

New Wolf Shop Services and Galactic Sale

Wolf Shop launched a few new services as apart of the Wolf Global Galactic update. A big launch for Wolf Shop is Live Studio, which we’ll cover separately below as it’s a big new feature for Wolf Shop. We also launched 4 new services in Wolf Shop: Instagram Verification, Auto Comments, Female Instagram Followers and Instagram Impressions. You can head to the Wolf Shop to learn more about each product.

We’re also having a huge sale at the Wolf Shop with up to 90% off services for 48-hours. Act fast and save big on everything in the shop. It’s a perfect time to purchase that subscription you wanted to try, or score big savings with our newly launched Instagram Verification services!

Wolf Shop’s Live Studio

Wolf Shop’s Live Studio is a new dashboard system where customers can connect their Instagram accounts, without login credentials, and easily place orders for post likes and views. Once your Instagram account is connected, you’ll see a feed-like view of all your published posts and within seconds be able to place orders for Likes and Views.

Live Studio works on a credit based system, meaning you have to fill your account with a balance before you can begin to place orders. Credits can be purchased through the Wolf Shop.

WG Labs

WG Labs is an extension of Wolf Shop that we created specifically for our agency, reseller and account manager customers who needed access to a wide range of products, on a bulk or wholesale scale while managing multiple account orders. WG Labs has all the services available in Wolf Shop and more including different quality levels and services ranges. WG Labs is an exclusive, invite and application only platform.

Wolf Waves

We’ve had so many members asked us if we had a rounds group to participate in, or requested that we start one. Rounds groups work a little different than regular engagement pods. With Rounds groups, there are schedule drop times, and engagement must be completed in a certain amount of time to qualify for the next round.

We worked hard on looking at the challenges the average rounds group faces, and came up with Wolf Waves. We’re super excited to be launching our first rounds engagement group and hope to open more in the future!

Wolf Forum

Wolf Forum is another part of the Galactic update that we’re extremely excited for. We wanted to create a way for our community to connect together and have a place to network and discuss things like Instagram growth, tips and general just get to know each other beyond the engagement groups.

Wolf Forum was designed with the classic forum module in mind and has areas for discussion on topics such as Instagram advice, Wolf Global group tips, Loop Giveaways and a section for networking with fellow members within your region or niche. We hope that Wolf Forum can be a channel for our members to share ideas and grow together on Instagram.


If there’s one thing we love at Wolf Global, is giving back to our members. We’ve held a few giveaways in the past, including most recently our Scavenger Hunt where we gave away 1,00,000 likes community-wide. For the Galactic update, you know we had to do it big. So we’re giving away 1,00,000 Instagram Likes/Views!!

You can find details about all our exciting giveaways in our News Channel on Telegram!

Coming Soon: Wolf App

The biggest part of the Galactic update and the most anticipated on our end is the announcement of our Wolf App. We’re working endless on this project, and we’re so excited to have our members try it in the next few months. Wolf Global is hosted on Telegram, and we have absolutely no affiliation with the platform. This means, that any Telegram related issues our members face are out of our control and that was something we wanted to change, big time.

The Wolf App allows access to our groups, Wolf Shop and Wolf Forum all in one, accessible from your mobile device. The Wolf App will be available for iOS and Android devices, you can sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on the official launch date!

With so many new features and services, you’re probably wondering is there more to come from Wolf Global. The answer? Of course there is! We’re always looking to make the Wolf Global Community better and more efficient for all your social media needs. Expect more growth to come with Wolf Waves and Wolf Forum, and of course the launch of the Wolf App. Not to mention, we’re always learning more about the latest updates for social media platforms like Instagram, so you can always expect updates at the Wolf Shop as platforms launch new features!

Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter, and join all our support channels on Telegram to get the most out of your Wolf Global experience. We hope the Wolf Global Galactic update is as exciting for you as members, as it was for us to work on it!


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