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Wolf Global Network Reaches 10k Member Milestone. From the press – as seen on HuffPost – read original publication here.

Wolf Global is a network of Instagram engagement groups hosted on Telegram and designed to bring Bloggers, Influencers, and Instagrammers together. What started as a small community of Instagrammers in mid-2017, has grown exponentially into a huge network that crossed the 10,000 member mark earlier this week.


Miami, Florida, October 2017

Wolf Global built their reputation with successful, high-quality Instagram engagement groups. Started in 2017, the network hit its 10,000 member mark earlier this week and is continuing to grow daily. Members are carefully screened and groups are strictly monitored to guarantee a pleasant and profitable experience. The corporate, yet human, approach to organizing the groups has rocketed Wolf Global to their position as industry leaders.

Categories range from likes and comments groups to short-cycle and 24-hour-cycle groups. There are also power like and viral groups with minimum follower requirements designed to send content to the top ranks for any location or hashtag. Through mutual engagement, likes, and high-quality content, members can boost each other’s profiles while finding like-minded Instagrammers looking to connect.

Wolf Global plans to continue expanding into 2018, including opening niche-specific and location-based groups to help members precisely target their engagement while continuing to grow the number of individual members within their network. Entry into groups is free of charge and only requires a Telegram account to join.


About Wolf Global

Wolf Global is a worldwide leader in Instagram engagement groups and social media marketing services. We provide honest and reliable solutions that bring premium quality engagement and followers. You have the flexibility to choose how to meet your growth goals through a variety of services that will help you reach potential followers and customers worldwide. Whether it’s working with a dedicated Account Manager to build custom marketing solutions or simply connecting directly with like-minded Instagrammers, we’re striving to help you get noticed online. Learn more by visiting

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