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We’ve come a long way since we started our journey back in 2017. Wolf Global began as a network of Instagram groups for our members to connect and exchange engagement. Our team spent a lot of time building our groups and providing a quality community for our members. However within just a couple years we noticed that our members were looking for more. We were getting emails regarding services like Instagram growth, catch-up free engagement and other online branding services. Immediately we recognized it was time to take the next step, and that’s when the Wolf Global Shop was born.

Moving into the digital services spaces was a natural transition for us. Our team is comprised of social media, branding and online media professionals with a wide range of experiences. The passion and interest we share in the online space is what drives us to develop our services. Since we started the Wolf Global Shop, we’ve expanded and adapted our services to fit the current needs of those in the digital space. Fast forward to today we have a wide range of services for multiple social media platforms, and have worked with thousands of clients.

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With the recent launch of new services, we thought it would be a great time to walk through our offerings. So today we’ll be introducing our latest services, and walking through our Elite offering of services so get you more familiar with what we do.

Wolf Global Shop: New Services

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Female Followers

Female Followers is a service that we first launched when the Wolf Global Shop began, but had removed the service over time. With many requests from our customers and recognizing how popular this service is, we decided to upgrade it and bring it back.

This service is not for those looking for authentic growth. Our Female Followers are not real, however the profiles created are of the highest quality. The profiles look real and include a display picture, published posts and followers of their own. While we do offer organic growth services, this service is more geared towards those looking to build a boost in their following with a female audience.

Shop Female Followers

Daily Female Followers

To compliment the relaunch of our Female Followers services, we also launched the Daily Automatic Female Followers. The difference in this service is instead of receive a batch of followers within a short period of time, you gain followers slowly throughout the length of your package.

Each package runs for 30 days, and range from 50 followers a day to 500 a day. This is a great options for anyone who is looking to boost their audience a little more subtly, so that it seems more authentic. Just like with the Female Followers, these are not real, however the profiles created are of the highest quality. The profiles look real and include a display picture, published posts and followers of their own.

Shop Daily Female Followers

Real Verified Comments

At Wolf Global we’re well known for our 100% real comments, a service that truly sets us apart from our peers. We decided to expand this offering and launch our Real Verified Comment.

These are 100% real comments that come from our engagement pods for verified members. You place your order as needed and our team works to manually fulfill your comments via our groups. This is a great services especially for business or brands looking to not only boost their engagement, but also boost their authority online.

Shop Real Verified Comments

Wolf Global Shop: Elite Services

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Our Elite Services at Wolf Global are nothing more than a fancy way of us categorizing our premium services that we offer. These services fall more so into the branding category of digital services rather than engagement. They are all 100% authentic services that help our customers to reach the ultimate level with their social media goals. All of our Elite Services at the Wolf Gobal Shop are 100% secure, and never require any login information to deliver them,

Targeted Organic Growth

This is the service that started it all for us in the Elite category. Our organic growth services have evolved over time now focus on targeted growth based on specific audiences to help you get the followers you want.

We combined all the different organic growth methods we’ve tested over the years and created the most targeted growth strategies yet. The process is fairly simple, once we’ve done a profile review and you’ve successfully purchased a package, we take care of all the heavy lifting. We do profile reviews to ensure that your profile has the look that will compliment the marketing we do to get you followers. From there you provide us with a list of profiles who’s followers you’d like to attain. This can be like-minded profiles, similar niches or even your competitors. Once sent, we compile all the followers and prepare to organically promote your profile to them.

Currently, we only provide growth strategies for Instagram.

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Social Media Verification

Thanks to our team’s years of experience in the industry we’ve managed to make connections with PR professionals and agencies. The types of agencies who have direct relationships with social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. This is when we decided to launch our Social Media Verification services on the Shop. Generally, these PR agencies only provide these types of services to their clients, think celebrities, athletes and big time brands. But because of  those relationships, we’re able to work with these agencies to submit requests to social media networks. Like getting profiles verified!

While you can apply to get verified directly within most apps, it usually doesn’t work out for the average user. Not only is that process automated, and designed to mostly decline requests, there’s also a set of criteria you need to meet. Not just anyone can be verified, and there needs to be a reason why your identity needs verification. But with our Verification services, which include PR if needed, we can help with those who can’t get verified.

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Username Claims

Another one of our unique Elite Services is our Username Claims offering. This is a service for those who are looking to claim an inactive username on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok.

Similar to Social Media Verification, we submit these requests directly to the social media network via our PR agency partner. It’s 100% authentic and can even be done on profiles that are verified, without losing status. This is a great option if you’re desired username for your business or brand is taken. Or even for those who are looking to create consistency within their social media username.

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