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In today’s digital world more and more companies are moving operations online allowing employees to work remotely. Working from home is becoming the new normal for even more people after the impacts of coronavirus. Businesses have had to adapt quickly to find ways to stay operational while limiting travel into the office. And those that have the ability to do so are making arrangements for their employees to work from home.

Working outside of an office environment is nothing new for influencers, content creators and freelancers. You’re able to create a flexible routine that fits your style when you work for yourself. But not being stuck at home not able to work at coffee shops, communal offices or other public spaces can bring on the cabin fever.

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Having to readjust to a new work environment or schedule can have an impact on productivity and creativity. Whether you’re used to working remotely or not finding ways to keep up with daily tasks and projects isn’t always easy. Here are a few ways you can make the most out of working from home and stay productive all day long.

Working From Home: Tips For Staying Productive


Get Ready For Work

Not many people who complain about staying in their pyjamas all day. But the best way to start the day on the right foot working from home is to get ready like you would normally. You don’t have to throw on a pant suit or jeans to get dressed. Change into a great pair of sweats or leggings with a t-shirt and you’ll instantly find yourself ready for the day.

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Have to take video conference calls during your day? Dress up your look instantly by throwing on a blazer over your t-shirt for an easy business causal outfit.


Create A Designated Workspace

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Now that you’re dressed and ready to work it’s important that you have a designated workspace. The best way to stay productive and keep up your normal work routine while at home is to create a space in your home where you “go to work” daily. This doesn’t require spending money or having an extra room for a home office. Your at-home workspace can easily be set up at your kitchen table. As long as it’s a space free from distractions like your TV, and separate from where you like to unwind at the end of the day.


Set Dedicated Work Hours

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Your employer will probably set dedicated work hours as they transition you to work from home. However if they don’t or if you work for yourself, it’s something you should still consider. Having a set schedule and daily work hours is important to keep yourself productive while also creating work-life balance. Treat these set hours exactly how you would at the office, meaning avoid distractions like taking phone calls or texting with friends.


Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

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Taking breaks during the day is known to boost productivity, creativity and your overall energy. Stepping back from your work helps you come back into it with a refreshed perspective helping you get more done. And of course you want to make sure you take time for a lunch break to fuel up your body and mind. It’s also important to get up from your workspace every now and then and keep moving. There are so many exercises you can do at your desk to get blood flowing and keep yourself active throughout the day.


Keep Things Organized

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Staying organized is probably the number one tip to stay productive whether you work at the office or remotely. Good organizational skills not only helps you to know where everything is but it also is a great way to stay on top of everything you need to get done. Using tools like an agenda, and desk organizers can assist your productivity levels.


Working From Home: Productivity Tools

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There are a lot of habits and routines you can pick up to make working from home as productive as possible. Try working in some or all of our tips to your work day and just see how much of a difference it will make. But if you’re still looking to take your productivity to the next level checkout these great tools that can help keep you working at your best.



Wolf Global_Working From Home_Trello

For those in the creative industry or work visually Trello is a great organizational tool for you to use. This workspace uses boards to help organize projects, tasks and other things you need to do throughout your day. Trello is also a collaborative tool meaning you can connect with colleagues and clients to share ideas and information. The best part of Trello is it offers so much, all for free!

Wolf Global_Working From is another organizational tool that is built more like a traditional project management system. The platform is available in web browser, desktop and mobile, desktop versions so it’s easy to access from anywhere. allows you to collaborate with others to manage everything from projects and marketing to your HR in one place.



Wolf Global_Working From Home_Evernote

What started as a note taking tool, Evernote has grown into a popular tool to manage projects and keep organized. Notes can be taken by text, drawing and pictures making this a great tool for anyone in creative industries. But because it has so many features and uses it makes it a super versatile platform to fit a variety of needs.


Google Drive

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You might want to consider Google Drive if you’re working remotely with a team of people. The online cloud base storage system by Google also offers classic digital office tools for writing, spreadsheets and presentation needs. What is great about Google Drive for productive collaboration is it keeps everything stored in one place for easy access. Colleagues can work on the same documents through their web browser or mobile apps to keep workflow going while outside of the office.



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If there is one thing that isn’t productive, it’s decision making via email. Face to face meetings are sometimes crucial to get a deal done or finalize a project. Zoom is a video conferencing tool that goes beyond your average meeting. Meetings can be held with one or multiple people and includes features like text chat and screen sharing. Zoom also has a telephone conference line feature making it a great communication solution for any business or team.