Curate Your Own

Instagram Engagement Pod

Powered by Wolf Global

Partner with Wolf Global to curate your own micro Instagram Engagement Pod for you and your friends. Get full access to admin posts, Wolf Global bots and group automation.

Welcome to Wolf Global Micro

A place where creators can develop their very own Instagram engagement pods – micro communities and more!


Dreaming of a small micro engagement pod for your friends and close network?

If you can imagine it – we can help you create it. Everything is possible at Wolf Global.

Submit your ideas for your own Instagram engagement pod with us via an application and have us take it from there.


Upon completion of review and approval of the application – our team will set up a brand new group to for you complete with our bot and automation tools.

You will be the sole administrator of this group.


And now its time to play! Invite your friends and invite new members – build your own community and start engaging!

Get direct support from Wolf Global team every step of the way.

The Works


You must be a member for over 90 days and good standings within Wolf Global groups to be eligible for your own Instagram pod.


You must have good understanding of the workings of Wolf Global groups, our bots, automation tools and Instagram pod rules.

You must have capacity to build, moderate and manage your group on a day to day basis.


Fill out our application via the form below.

Our team will review your application and get back to you with a decision within 7 days.

You will then receive a detailed review on Instagram Pod rules to follow while moderating a Wolf Global group including an intro on how to utilize our bots and automation tools.

Upon successful orientation our team will begin building your custom Instagram pod based on the requirements provided in your application. A final review to ensure all your criterias are met will be done before it is handed off to you.


Once your new Instagram pod is created you can begin to add your friends and new members.

If you’ve decided to host a public engagement pod we will feature it on our website and place your group link on our Entry & News/Updates Channels to give you a boost of members.

Drop your admin posts and check in to moderate for a few minutes a couple of times during the day to keep a clean and fair community!

Our team of Wolf Global administrators will be available for support but don’t worry – they do not get to perform admin drops!


Terms & Conditions

1. Cannot be admin/moderator/creator of any other Instagram pod
2. Group warm up periods is 100 links shared until your first admin drop
3. Must be committed to moderating groups several times daily
4. Must maintain an admin drop ratio*
5. Max of 100 members per pod**
6. Absenses of over 48 hours must be reported to Wolf Global administrators so we can arrange moderation
7. Failure to moderate and unreported inactivity of over 48 hrs will result in admin privileges being revoked


*Administrators must wait out group cycle between admin posts. Must maintain ratio of admin drops so as to not dilute the group value. More on this to be discussed upon application approval.

**Your micro pod is for you to have a personal space and group for you, your friends and close network. Each pod will be capped at maximum of 100 members