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Welcome to Wolf Groups

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Instagram Pod Rules

Welcome to Wolf Global Groups. An advanced bot moderates all our groups to ensure the inner peace of our communtiy members. As we are an Instagram engagement pod, please do not share any non-Instagram link in our pods, as doing so, will get you a lifetime ban. Our groups are fast-paced and aimed to provide quick engagement boost to members due to which chatting within the groups is prohibited. Should you have any questions, comments or feedback – please send them via our bot support system.

Most of all – please be sure to read the pinned message within each group that you are a part of to understand group engagement cycle and mode. And always be sure to send your Instagram links with closed preview as failure to do so will lead to warn and your link being deleted.

Happy Engagement!

Thank you for using Wolf Global Instagram Engagement Groups!

Your questions, our answers

Wolf Global Bot

Instagram engagement Groups by Wolf Global

How to navigate @WolfGlobal_bot?

You can find Wolf Bot by searching for @WolfGlobal_bot on Telegram. Once you’ve found the bot – click start to start it up. Next – send /help to the bot to get to the main menu. The bot will return to you a list of options to choose from.

 Group Rules  will return to you list of groups you are in – you can click on any group to see the rules of that specific group.

 My Warns  will return to you the status of your warns across all groups that you are in. For details on your latest warn, you can click on Why Was I Warned. Click the remove warn button once you’ve completed the engagement to reset your warn yourself.

 Catching-Up  will return to you list of 24-hour cycle Wolf Groups that you are a part of. You can choose a group of which you want a link list of the past 24 hours starting from the current time. You can easily copy this into the Wolf Auto Liker extension and complete engagement with a few clicks. Once completed – you can click on Check Username from DB – send the bot your Instagram username without @ symbol for the bot to check if you’ve completed engagement. Please remember that Check from DB is refreshed every 10 to 15 minutes. If you’d like to have the bot do live checking click on Real Time Check. Each member can perform 3 real-time checks per 24 hours.

 Support  will return to you a list of help categories, select the option that best suits your issue. Please note that you must have a Telegram username (@username) in order for us to be able to reply to your support tickets. Wolf Global is here to help and the most effective way to reach us is via the support system at WolfGlobal_bot. In order to avoid duplicated efforts and confusion, we highly advise you not to contact administrators of Wolf  Global directly. Once you’ve submitted a ticket, someone from our support team will get back to you within 72 hours.

When navigating the bot you can always send /help to the bot to get back to the main menu.

Got questions about our Instagram Pod Rules that aren’t covered here? Contact us via our support system and get a reply within 24 hours.

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Wolf Auto Liker Extension

Instagram engagement Groups by Wolf Global

How to automate catching-up in Wolf Likes?

Wolf Global Auto Liker Extension is designed to help members of our community ease catching up in 24-hour likes groups! You’d require Google Chrome browser to install our extension.

Download Google Chrome from here.

Once you have the Chrome browser – open it up and add to it our extension.

Download Wolf Global Auto Liker extension from here.

Once you have the extension added to your browser – open up a tab and go to Instagram (be sure you’re logged in). Once you are on Instagram page – you can then copy-paste links to catch up on into the extension by clicking on the Wolf icon next to your address bar.

You can easily extract links from Wolf Bot by finding @WolfGlobal_bot on Telegram and starting it up. You will then send /help to the bot and bot will return to you a menu. From the menu – select ‘Catching-Up’ and choose a group whose links you’d like to extract. Wolf Bot will then send you links of the selected group of the past 24 hours starting from the current time. Copy and paste these links into the extension – set a delay of your choice and hit the submit button!

Note: Be sure to have the latest version of Chrome and Wolf Auto Liker extension – make sure you are logged into Instagram on your browser and have the Instagram tab open before you click the submit button to start up the auto liker. Please note that using third party bots to complete engagement is against our Instagram pod rules.

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