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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore FAQs on Instagram Pod Rules

by Wolf Global

Find answers to most commonly asked questions
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Welcome to Wolf Groups

Instagram Pod Rules

Welcome to Wolf Global, a network of Instagram engagement groups. An advanced bot and a team of admins moderate our groups to ensure our groups remain fair for everyone. Since our groups are exclusively for Instagram engagement, any non-Instagram links shared in our groups will result in members being banned. Chatting amongst members is also prohibited in our groups. Also, always be sure to close the previews before sharing your Instagram links, as we do not permit link previews within the groups.

Please be sure to read the pinned message within each group that you are a part of to understand the group engagement cycle and rules. Should you have any questions, comments, or feedback – please send them via our bot support system.

Happy Engagement!

Thank you for using Wolf Global Instagram Engagement Groups!

Your questions, our answers

Engagement Pod Rules

Navigating Wolf Global Groups

You can find a list of all our groups from our Entry Channel over at Telegram. From there you are free to join any group that is currently open and accepting members. Here are a few things to keep in mind whilst participating in our groups –

 Group Rules  You can review group rules which are pinned to the top of every group chat. Click on the pinned message to get a quick understanding of group type, cycle, and rules.

 Group Cycle  All groups run on a cycle, meaning a specific amount of engagement you must complete prior to sharing your link(s). A cycle can be of 5,10 or 50 links, or can also be a 24 hour period. For example, a group with a cycle of 5 would mean that you’d have to engage with the latest 5 links within that group and then share your link. The next 5 participants will then engage with your link. You are not allowed to drop another link of yours until 5 people have come after you. Similarly, a 24-hour group would mean that you’d engage with all links in the past 24 hours and then share your link. All those who participate in the next 24 hours will engage with your link. 24-hour cycle groups have a daily drop limit, noted in the pinned rules of the group.

 Group Type  At Wolf Global we have two types of groups: some for likes and others for likes and comments. Groups that have the word ‘likes’ in their name indicate that these are only for giving and taking likes. Groups that have the word ‘comments’ in their name indicate that these are for giving and taking both likes + comments. Engagement requirements are also listed in the pinned rules.

 Group Niches  We have a few groups that focus on members and content within the most popular niches on Instagram: Fashion & Beauty, Travel & Food, Fitness & Health. Only content related to these niches are allowed to be posted within their respective groups. Niche requirements will be included in the groups’ names, as well as the pinned rules.

 Link Format  When dropping links in our groups, members must use D24H or DX format before their links. This is to indicate that the member has completed the required cycle before sharing their link.
D24H – Done 24hrs, used in any of our 24hr cycle groups
DX5, DX10, DX50 – Done based on the cycle.
Always make sure you use the right format when dropping your links. This helps new members better understand the flow of the group.

 Direct Links  All links shared in Wolf Global Groups must be direct URLs. This means that depending on where a link is copied from, you may need to remove the “?igshid=tjjumuou507w” ending and make sure there are no characters after the final “/”. Links not following the format, or not to IG posts will be removed from groups without notice.

Got questions about our Instagram Pod Rules that aren’t covered here? Contact us via our support system and get a reply within 24 hours.

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