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Introducing Free Instagram Analytics Tool

Wolf Global Analytics is a free Instagram analytics tool open to all members of Wolf Global! The analytics engine works on with an advanced bot that provides you with in-depth reports on your account performance and activities, helping you realize the potential ways where you can improve your Instagram strategy.

Navigating Wolf Analytics

In this paragraph you’ll learn all about how to get to Wolf Analytics, how to run basic commands and much more! To get to Wolf Analytics, you can just look for @WolfGlobalAnalytics on Telegram or click here to join the analytics group! Additionally – we recommend you to join @WolfGlobalAnalytics101 for news and updates on our analytics bots and features!

Once you’re in the group there are various commands that you can run to pull stats for an Instagram account! Here are some of the commands that we have launched with our beta version:

  • /stats @InstagramUsername – this command pulls basic metrics of the Instagram account used. You get to see total follower count, average likes per post, average comments per post and even the Instagram engagement ratio of the account.
  • /media @InstagramUsername – this command pulls metrics related to media. You get to see total media posts an account has – number of medias uploaded in past 30 days and average amount of media uploaded per day.
  • /hashtags @InstagramUsername – this command pulls metrics related to hashtags used by an Instagram account. You get details on what hashtags an Instagram account uses – and of those hashtags which ones have the highest value and which one has the lowest hashtag value. (more on this later)
  • /entryvalue #love – this command pulls metrics on a specific hashtag. You can collect metrics on how many likes and comments on average an Instagram post that is on the top post section for given hashtag has received. Say you are interested in #travel and you run the command to find out how many average likes and comments are ideally required to have a chance to hit the top post page for that given hashtag.
  • /tracking @InstagramUsername – this command sends you reports on your post performance. Ideally you should use this command just before you make a post on Instagram and the bot will capture data on your post performance every 5 minutes and send you details about it.

Inside Wolf Analytics

  1. Wolf Analytics Group – this is the group where you run commands to pull the Instagram analytics and metrics. You can join this group on Telegram by searching @WolfGlobalAnalytics or you can just click here.
  2. Commands – this is an example of one of the commands that you can run, and the correct format to send a command. You can view a full list of commands in the above section.
  3. Metrics – this is an example of one of the bot’s return messages in response to your commands for the Instagram account requested when sending the command. You can run commands not only for your account but for virtually any Instagram account you’d like.
Group Name
Bot Reply

Examples of commands

/stats @sephora

/media @sephora

/hashtags @sephora

/entryvalue #makeup

Basics of Instagram analytics

Engagement Ratio

So, what is Instagram engagement ratio? It is the percentage of your followers that engage with your content. And that is about it.

In terms of formula, it is the total number of likes plus the total number of comments on a post divided by the total number of followers that you have multiplied by a hundred.

Let’s break it down. Say you have 100,000 followers and in your recent most post you received 2000 likes and 200 comments. So – in this case, the total engagement you received is 2000+200 = 2200. So far so good? Okay. Next, we calculate this engagement value in terms of percentage of your total followers –

2200/100,000 x 100 = 2.2%

And that is the engagement ratio.

If you are wondering what the ideal engagement ratio is – well there is no set percentage per se. Some say 10 is ideal while others swear by 5%. In our opinion compare your engagement ratio with those who are the top Instagrammers in your industry and see where you stand.

Wolf Analytics calculates engagement ratio as an average of your past 30 posts to get a more accurate percentage for your engagement ratio.

You can check the engagement rate by running /stats command. Below is an example of /stats @sephora –


Instagram Handle – @sephora
Total Follower Count – 13920519
Average Likes Per Post – 36916
Average Comments Per Post – 232
Engagement Ratio – 0.27%

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Entry Value

Entry value is perhaps one of the most unique features that make our Instagram analytics bot the most advanced engine in the world. It is a command that you run for individual hashtags and the bot returns you some interesting data. Let us break down the entire process. You will start by sending a command –

/entryvalue #travel

And then the bot will return to you some analytics about that hashtag –


Telegram Handle – @YourTelegramHandle
Hashtag Average Likes – 6455
Hashtag Average Comments – 70

You’d need a bminimum of 6455 likes and 70 comments within 60 minutes to have a chance to reach the top post section for #travel.

⚡️ Powered by Wolf Global Analytics
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And here we go. If you haven’t guessed already – the aim of these analytics is to find out how many likes and comments you need to have a chance to reach the top post section for your hashtags.

Instagram algorithm seems to work in a way wherein if your post gets a certain amount of likes and comments within 60 minutes then you have a higher chance of reaching the top post page for your hashtags.

Simply compare how your posts perform over a period of 60 minutes and see what hashtags are profitable for you to compete for. In the above example, we see that about 7000 likes are required to have a chance to reach the top post page for #travel – if you think you get that much engagement within 60 minutes then this is the hashtag for you!

And if that is not the case- then research more hashtags until you find the ones that are best for your level of engagement! If done correctly – you can find the perfect hashtags for your Instagram account and use those to help boost your reach and growth by hitting virtually 30 top post pages for your 30 hashtags!

Tracking Posts

Perhaps the most advanced feature within Wolf Analytics – the tracking feature. You can run this feature by sending command /tracking @YourInstagramUsername and what happens next is pretty amazing.

Basically – the moment you send this command – the bot starts looking for a post from you – a fresh post. So – the correct way to use this command is to send it just before you post as the bot will keep searching for a post from you after you send this command for a period of 10 minutes. If and when you do upload this within those 10 minutes – the bot will start tracking your post and start sending you DMs on Telegram every 5 minutes telling you how your post is performing! Pretty neat isn’t it?

Here is what you get when you send /tracking @InstagramUsername


Your latest post is being tracked until the 30-minute mark. Bot will send you multiple PMs. Please be sure that you have STARTED the bot @WolfGlobalAnalytics_bot prior to this.

🚀 Wolf Global Analytics @WolfGlobalNews

As mentioned above – be sure that you go to the bot @WolfGlobalAnalytics_bot and click on the start button so that the bot can send you reports every 5 minutes.

As soon as you make a post the bot will catch it and start tracking it sending you reports like this every 5 minutes –



Time Elapsed – 0 minutes
Likes Received – 5
Comments Received – 2

⚡️ Powered by Wolf Global Analytics
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Bot will keep sending you multiple reports every 5 minutes until thirty-minute mark.

Here is why this comes handy – after you run this command 2-3 times – you will know where exactly your engagement stands at every point in time for likes and comments. Compare these values with the hashtag values via command /entryvalue and you are golden! You would have the most tailor made hashtags for you that no other bot can find for you.

How do I get free Instagram analytics?

Step 1

Join our Wolf Analytics group over at Telegram by clicking here.

Be sure to read the pinned message within the group to be aware of rules and to avoid attracting any warns and/or bans.

Step 2

Next – it is highly recommended that you join our channel @WolfGlobalAnalytics101 for a quick read on updates, news and features!

All upcoming features, changes and modifications to the analytics tool will be announced within this channel so be sure to stay subscribed.

Step 3

And then – its time to run some commands and have the bot pull for you real time metrics!

Find out about your Instagram account, your engagement rate – compare it with competitors and the pioneers of your niche – track posts and discover entry values via Wolf Global Analytics.

For the advanced users

If you are a seasoned Instagrammer then you have definitely come across hundreds of articles and eBooks, all of them claiming that they have somehow decoded the perfect way to the top. At Wolf Global – we believe in numbers. No eBook and no article will get you this tool with the most accurate metrics possible that we have exclusively coded with love for our members!

In other words, by reflecting on your metrics you will have a great understanding of where exactly you are in your Instagram strategy and where you should go next. Remember – Instagram is always changing – there are countless blogs about the explore page strategies – but the truth is, Instagram is adapting too quick and we cannot base our own strategies on rumors and hopes. Real-time data is key.

It is imperative that you focus on numbers; take a good look at your stats, fine tune your hashtags, work hard on content that is attractive and find hashtags that you can reach the top post page for. Combining all these key points is what will help you find your own unique way to get noticed on Instagram and to go Insta Famous!

Demistifying the algorithm, explore feed and more

It’s important to conduct self checks when aiming to go big on Instagram; finding your own personal way to grow and go viral is important as with changing algorithms. No two people can get the same results when applying the same methods! Here are some of our suggestions for further reading –

  • Find out industry standards – now that you are armed with a bot that can run and get your unlimited stats in a blink of an eye – the first place to start out is to know what is happening around you. Be aware of the engagement ratio in your niche. How much is the engagement ratio of those who you follow? How many times do your competitors upload every week? Find out where you sit in comparison to them. Being aware of everything around you is the first step to growth.
  • The three paths – Instagram has given us 3 methods to get discovered. We all want to get noticed on Instagram and there are just three portals to get that done. You can first off pay for Instagram ads and run campaigns. Next – you can aim to reach the top post page for large hashtags that attract massive traffic. And finally – you can aim to hit the explore feed of Instagram.
  • Gaming the game – there are obviously certain methods where you can pull strings and move ahead quicker. To do that or not to do that is completely up to you. Just know that these methods exist and one of the simplest, most gradual and natural method is to use auto likes to boost your post to the top post page for all your hashtags and grow from there. Remember, it’s not just reaching the top post and explore page that will get you growth. Even if you land there every time, your content should be compelling enough for viewers to click on, like and comment on – and hopefully follow you to see more of such content! Ask yourself one question: “Am I producing content that if someone discovers – they would want to see more of it?” If the answer is yes, then you’re at a pretty great place to start.

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