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With over 1,000,000 members within our Instagram pods – there is unlimited supply of real likes and real comments for all your Instagram needs! Hop on in and join our pods – exchange engagement with top influencers and bloggers just like you!

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Comments are probably the purest form of engagement that just cannot be faked. Comments are just in your face out in the open – its one of the first thing that the viewers will glance on after having seen your post.

Sure likes and followers can be faked. And when the quantities rise – no one has the time to sit and scrape through millions of followers and tens of thousands of likes on a post. Its just too inaccessible. Well, thats not the same with comments.

You immediately take note of who it is that has commented on your profile – you’re quick to note what they have to say and share. And that goes same with your audience, they’re pretty focused on what others are saying to you and about you. To get comments on Instagram that are real, honest and from authoritative people who are themselves influencers and bloggers is the magic ingredient to having an attractive profile.

Unlimited, Free and Real

Lets get you an unlimited supply of super authoritative comments, its 100% free forever and you’d love it.

  1. Instagram Pods – it starts with joining an Instagram pod – a group of Instagrammers that give and take engagement like comments and likes. Its a simple concept, easy to work with and gets you wonderful result. Wolf Global runs the largest Instagram pods with over 1,000,000 members and over 60 groups. We even have groups that are niche specific,  follower specific and so much more.
  2. Group Rules – Pods are just groups and they come with a bunch of easy to follow rules. You give first and then you take. Example – you give 5 comments and you get back 5 comments. Simple isn’t it? The best part? Our pods are fully automated by advanced intelligent bots that ensure no one is able to cheat and leech from the group. Every one is fair, bots make sure that no spam enters the group and more over – its 100% free to use.
  3. The Capacity – with over 1,000,000 members and counting and so many groups – you can literally get up to 5000 comments per day from our groups or even more – it just depends on how much time you have on your hand. To get 5000 comments, you’d have to give 5000 comments back. A more doable quantity would be in the area of 100 to 300.

Note: Our engagement pods are hosted on the Telegram chat app. You can use it on your iPhone, Android or even your desktop. Joining the groups is easy and simple, all you do is give and get comments on Instagram anytime you want. 

Get Comments on Instagram Instagram Engagement Pod

The Pod

P ods are a great place to meet, greet and exchange engagement with fellow Instagram bloggers and influencers. Get started in less than a minute with Wolf Groups today!

How Pods Work

Group Types

With over 60 groups to choose from there is something for everyone at Wolf Global Groups. Lets get a bit familiar with types of pod you can join at Wolf Global.

To join a pod you’d need invite links which you can find Entry Channel. If you’re just starting out – you can simply join one or more our general pods that do no have any niche or followers requirement. Apart from general pods we do host a range of viral pods (ones that require you to have a set minimum follower base on IG) and niche pods (that are niche specific).

Group Rules

Pods are a great place for Instagrammers to exchange likes, comments and even views. Our pods have various rules that if broken can result in warns and a community wide ban. Rules are put in place to ensure fairness to all members who put in their time and effort into giving engagement.

While pods are a great place to get comments on Instagram, they are also a wonderful community to be a part of – its like being a part of a family – where everyone is working towards the same goal – getting famous on Instagram.

Beyond Pods

And it doesn’t stop at just engagement exchange. Wolf Global community has a lot more to give. Not only you have a vast range of groups to choose from that are completely free to use – you also get access to the most advanced analytics engine for Instagram on planet earth! Wolf Analytics! Created for our wonderful members, our analytics engine provides you deep insights on performance, media, hashtags and so much more!

Combine the power of pods along with the insights by Wolf Analytics bot and you are bound to go viral and hit the top post and explore page for your hashtags and niches!

Joining Wolf Groups

Step 1

Download the Telegram app from the app store or play store – alternatively you can even use Telegram via desktop app or on the web!

You’d need to create a Telegram account next.

Be sure to read more on our Instagram Pods, Pod Rules and for more you can always visit our Instagram Blog.

Step 2

Next – you’d need to join our channels – this is where you’ll find links to all our groups. With over 60+ Instagram engagement groups – its much easier and simpler for navigation to first get to the channel and then pick and enter the groups that you’d like to join!

Step 3

Once you find and join the best Telegram groups for your needs, its time to engage – get comments on Instagram – as many as you want – 100% free!

It is highly advisable to visit the FAQ section of our site and give it a thorough view to be sure you are upto speed on how everything works!

Wishing you happy engagement!

Beyond Comments

Beyond getting comments on Instagram and having access to unlimited analytics reports with our Wolf Analytics – we also provide a range social media services that you can buy to get yourself social proof and increase the authority of your Instagram profile. Add to that a daily blog filled with tips, trick and trends covering all that you need to know about Instagram.

Wolf Global has got your back for all your Instagram requirements and we’re happy to welcome you to our family.