Guide To Buying Instagram Followers

How to Buy Followers on Instagram

(Updated 2020 Guide)

From celebrities to politicians – everyone is buying followers to up their Instagram game. Should you or shouldn’t you? Let’s find out in this guide on how to buy followers on Instagram!

Find Out Who is Buying and Why

Let’s get straight to it. Of the 109 million followers that Katy Perry has on Twitter – over 60 million are fake and purchased. Yup. You read that right.

Wonder how these new artists and rappers come up on YouTube and get 100s of millions of views on their first upload ever? Well, guess what? Sony and Universal Music – two of the most significant record labels are notorious for buying YouTube views. In fact – they had purchased over 2 billion views for their artists and YouTube called them out. 

So far so good?

You see, everyone is buying followers, likes, and views. It’s no mystery anymore. It’s a cold hard fact. People on social media are faking it until they make it. And they are doing it for the right reasons. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find out that your favorite Instagrammer or YouTuber has purchased a ton of fake following themselves.

Why is everyone buying is the big question. And the simple answer is social proof. You may not be aware of it, but as humans, the one thing that we scan for when making a judgment on someone is social proof. Let’s try an example. Say that you launched a fitness product on your online store recently and you’re looking to drive traffic and sales to it. What do you think will work best in your favor from the two options below –

Option A – You get a ton of traffic from Google search results and when your potential customers land on your website – you show off a neat gallery of your product from your Instagram. However, your Instagram has about 300 followers and almost no engagement on the posts. Just a couple of comments and a dozen likes.

Option B – You get a ton of traffic from Google search results, and this time your Instagram has 1 million followers, and each post has 1000s of comments and an enormous number of likes.

What do you think will convert better?

You see – it’s about social proof. Psychologically people want to go to eat out at a place that has a buzz to it. No one wants to go to that one diner that is always empty and looks like a graveyard. Even if the ‘buzz’ is faked, no one cares, and no one has the time to find out if the ‘buzz’ is staged.

When given a choice, people would rather follow an Instagrammer who has 1 million followers and a lot of buzz going on in their profile than following someone who has 10,000 followers and no buzz at all. People want to join the conversation and be part of the buzz. And that is what social proof is all about. And that is the simple reason why everyone, literally everyone is buying followers and likes.

If you have 100,000 followers and 5000 likes and 100s of comments per post – people will find you appealing and follow you more often. Ever come across a post on Instagram that looked pretty mediocre but had like 100,000 likes and you automatically assumed that the reason this person has so many likes is probably because they are famous? You see.

And with that said, let’s get into the question of how to buy followers on Instagram and more importantly if you should or shouldn’t be buying.

The Key to Social Fame

The key to getting fame is fundamentally understanding and mastering the art of ‘fake it till you make it.’  The moment you understand this game and learn to play it – getting popular is pretty much guaranteed. Let’s understand the market for buying fame a bit deeper –

  • The Menu – Everything, literally everything is on the menu. Are you in the market for some followers? No worries. You’d find a ton of suppliers for that. How about some likes and comments? Not an issue. What about something a bit more tricker? Story views, comments, live video views and the like? Not a problem! You can buy those too. Its a massive playground and bulk orders from celebrities and politicians ensure that everything imaginable is on the menu. While you can buy virtually everything you can demand, remember that it is all fake. There are no magical marketing techniques that force people to follow and like you. Nope. Any supplier that claims to supply real followers is going to scam you.
  • The Supply – With high demand comes great supply. As you can imagine, there are uncountable providers in the market for these services. Some better than the other. And beware, there are a lot of spam traps with these services. Any industry that attracts an appealing demand also ends up drawing a ton of scammers, unfortunately. With that said, the supply differs from one provider to another in mostly the quality that they supply. On the cheaper side of the market, you’d find followers and likes that go away in a couple of days. Imagine buying a 1000 likes that drop and fade away a few days later. On the higher end side of the market, you’d find followers and likes that not only stick, but also look like they are a bit ‘real’.

Note: Buying followers and likes is against the terms of service of every social network. 

Is It Safe?

Y es. Its a 100% safe to buy followers and likes for any social network. You see  – when you buy followers and likes  – you do not need to supply your login details to the supplier. If they ask you for your credentials, they’ll probably hack your Instagram account or abuse it for profit. Back to the point that you never supply your login details when you buy followers. And that means – you can virtually buy followers for anyone you like. You can instantly send 100,000 followers to anyone you want. Imagine if Instagram started to penalize the receiver of these followers. That would mean that you or anyone else has the power to take down anyone they want. Such a loophole, if it existed, would have driven Instagram out of business. The day Instagram penalizes those who receive followers, everyone with a bit of money would crush their competitors by buying them followers. And – with that in mind – you know that it is 100% safe to buy followers.

Understanding the Glossary

Premium Quality

With everything in life, you have various qualities of the same product/service and the same applies to buying followers and likes for Instagram. The question isn’t only on how to buy followers on Instagram but also where and what quality to buy!

First off – you must thoroughly understand that no one can deliver real followers and likes to you no matter what fairy tale story they sell you in regards to their method.

When you buy these services, you will run into suppliers that deliver followers and engagement that are of low quality. What do we mean by low quality? Low quality is followers that look fake and drop off sooner or later.

On the other end you would find premium quality services wherein although the followers are fake, a good portion of them will appear ‘real.’ Remember, even though they ‘appear’ real –  they are not. However, its pretty much recommended buying premium quality followers and likes as they look a bit more reasonable and they tend to stick with you!

Automated Services

Automatic services are a bit of a trending topic these days. Automatic services are just packages that recur on their own instead of you having to purchase individual engagement.

Example – if you would like 500 likes for all of your upcoming posts, you can either buy likes for your posts as and when you upload a post which can get tiresome, or you can sign up for an Instagram auto likes service that sends your posts likes as and when you post them.

Every time you make a post  – you get X amount of likes to that post within an hour! And that is the essence of automated services. Influencers, bloggers and even corporates tend to stick to automated services as it makes things much easier for them.

From having automated comments to automated likes to automated video views and even automated saves – you can find all of these services!

Find more about how to buy followers on Instagram in our next section!

Drip Feed

Drip feed as you can imagine is getting deliveries of services bit by bit to make it look natural.

If you’re looking to get 100,000 followers – you’d be better off getting that over ten days in small batches than getting 100,000 in one day and attracting suspicion.

Drip feed is somewhat of a necessity in this time and age. From getting drip feed likes to your posts so that they come in gradually to having a daily drip of followers for a month – you can find drip-feed of almost every service.

Gradual delivery makes up a nice growth curve for your profile and makes it appear more like natural growth instead of forced injection.

Probably two of the most important things to remember when answering the ‘How to Buy Followers on Instagram’ question is to go for premium quality and automated drip services.

How to Buy Followers on Instagram (Method)

Step 1

First and foremost, you must have a plan. Buying followers is easy. The question that you should ask yourself is what the purpose is? Is it social proof? Are you looking to attract sponsors? Are you looking to make your profile more appealing?

In asking such questions, you’d know what quantity to purchase.

If you’re looking to amuse yourself, then a 1000 followers are enough. If you’re a serious and seasoned Instagrammer, then an automatic daily follower package is the one you would go for.

Step 2

Next, you’d need to understand that there is a ratio that you must maintain regarding engagement. The last you’d want to do is buy 100,000 followers and get some 200 likes per post. That would be super odd, isn’t it?

Maintaining a 7 to 10% engagement ratio is imperative. If you have 100,000 followers, then you have to try and sustain 7000 likes per post by purchasing an auto likes package.

If you’re an influencer looking to show off insights, then add in automatic saves and comments to your package to sweeten the deal.

Step 3

Most importantly, once you have it all going on regarding social proof – you should have a way to use all of this to your advantage.

From using this social proof to get better conversions on your profile visits to attracting and landing high profile sponsors and brands to partner with you – there is so much to do on Instagram!

It’s not just about how to buy followers on Instagram but also on how to use all of it to your advantage.

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