Going Insta-Famous

How to Get Instagram Famous

(Hidden Secrets)!

A no non-sense and simple guide to getting famous on Instagram. The real way celebs and influencers do it!

Letting Go

Whether you’re a seasoned Instagrammer who has been in the game for a while or even if you’re starting out – you’ve probably read a ton of articles and guides on how to get Instagram famous in your time. And more often than not you’ve realized all that theory doesn’t really convert in the real life. And you’re pretty right.

Everything from using bots to paying for shout-outs – its all just so useless. And that is why we came up with this short and sweet guide on getting famous on Instagram – the real way!

Before we start – we must first let go of all the non-sense that is out there in the world. Lets start debunking a few ultra useless methods to go ‘famous’ on Instagram.


Lets take a look at some of the most common things that self-proclaimed social media gurus will tell you to do in order to get famous –

  1. Shout-outs – well this one is pretty much a joke to our ears. Shout-outs don’t help. Not unless you have a REALLY influential celebrity endorsing and promoting you. “Says who?”, you ask? Instagram! Have a look at Instagram’s own profile and all those people that Instagram themselves features on their profile – NONE of them got any movement by getting featured on Instagram’s page. Imagine! Take a look at this post and then look at the profile of the user. Hmmm. Weird huh? If a shout-out by Instagram itself can’t help – then you’re better off giving up on this tactic as you’ll get nothing unless someone fakes results by sending you fake followers and likes in the name of the ‘shout-out’. If you’re lucky and can land Will Smith or the like to get you a shout-out, then we are talking business! And lucky for you, at Wolf Global we can get exactly that done!
  2. Bots – ahh curse them bots! They were pretty useful back in 2010 before Instagram started cracking down on them and penalizing users using them. You may have heard of the infamous follow-unfollow method used by various Instagrammers who love themselves some pity follow backs by following a bunch of users day in and day out. For instance, do you REALLY think anyone ever got FAMOUS by using such cheap tactics that take decades to even make a difference? More importantly – using bots is just such a low-class method that gets you nothing more than getting penalized by Instagram. You can read more about this here.
  3. Power Likes – nothing but a well-designed scam. Get X amount of likes from Y type of accounts and reach the fairy tale ‘explore page’ and go viral. All that crap, my God. Explore pages are tailor-made to users, they don’t help you go viral and no celebrity or influencer wakes up every day thinking ‘only if I hit the explore page, I’ll be a superstar’. Come on people, let’s get real.

Note: While most of the discussion above is pretty limited and perhaps a bit vague, you can always look into The Instagram Game (100% free) guide for in-depth analysis of all of this. And … well … moving on …

The Leftovers

W hen we remove all the non-sense and all the crap that is out there that is definitely not going to help us – what is left is the only way out and that is what we shall focus on moving forward.

Thinking Outside the Box

Social Proof

Everything starts and ends with social proof when it comes to fame. More women are attracted to a guy in a bar who is surrounded by friends and other girls – than to a guy who is sitting in the corner all alone. You see? You’d rather go to a diner that has people in it – seems lively – has a lot going on than go to a diner that is dead empty and nothing going on.

Starting a career on Instagram is like a business. Imagine you just opened up a small restaurant at a place that gets a lot of footfall. You know what should be the first thing you should do? PAY people to be there as ‘actors’ to make the place look lively. Others walking by will take notice and come in too.

Seeing is Believing

In short, people would rather follow you if you have a 100K followers than follow you if you have 10K followers. There is a reason celebrities are the largest buyers of fake followers. Don’t believe me? Well – Katy Perry sure does have like 50 million fakes on her Twitter and Sony Music has been found buying like 2 billion YouTube views for their artists. All of that didn’t happen out of the blue. Celebrity social media is controlled by the top PR agencies in the world – why do they buy fakes instead of getting real fan base? Well, they know that social proof trumps all!

So, in answering the ‘How to Get Instagram Famous?’ question that you’ve been on – first thing is to buy yourself a ton of social proof.

It All Adds Up!

The key to it all is maintaining the ratio. It should always add up to the viewers and watchers. Think of it like this – you watch YouTube video that has 100 million views and you notice it has 200 upvotes and only 5 comments. Well. That just doesn’t add up does it?

Similarly on Instagram – if you’re faking a 100K fan base – make sure you have a 5% engagement ratio which would mean 5000 likes per post minimum which you can buy too.

TL;DR – How to Get Instagram Famous (a comprehensive guide here)

The Beginning

Step 1

It starts with building a social proof. No one cares who you are UNTIL you are famous. You have to fake it till you make it. No one wants to watch a video that has 100 views – people would rather be curious about that video that has a 100 mil views and watch it even if they don’t know who it is by.

Once you have that taken care of – you have to do something that is exciting. Something that people can look up to. Why do you think rap videos have Rolls Royce and Jets and all that? So that the watchers have something to look up to. Something to dream about.

Step 2

Building social proof isn’t enough. You can’t have it all with just buying followers and likes. There is one thing that can make or break your profile. COMMENTS. The purest most authentic mode of engagement.

No one has got the time to scan your 100K followers or sit like a psycho and check how many of your 10K likes are real or fake. That requires a ton of free time. However, the comments – it’s just right OUT THERE. It’s like in your face. Therefore, the people who comment, what they comment – that is the most accessible form of engagement. And guess what?

At Wolf Global Groups – you get an unlimited supply of top notch real comments from Instagram influencers and bloggers! I mean, we are a 1,000,000 member community! Join our Telegram channels and enter our groups to start getting ultra high quality, 100% free comments from fellow Instagrammers!

Step 3

How does it feel? Surprised a bit? Well, getting famous isn’t a fairy tale. Its a business. The only thing that is certain is that this is probably the one place where your question on ‘How to Get Instagram Famous’ gets answered the right way.

Moving on … We have social proof, we have an unlimited supply of real comments from top influencers and bloggers and we have some decent content … what do we do next?

What do all famous people have in common? PRESS! No one gets famous without getting on the news, tabloids, videos and you-name-it. No celebrity ever got famous without doing their fare share of interviews, talk shows and what not. Influencers aren’t any different. You have the social proof, the authority and the content. What you need next is COVERAGE!

Golden Ratio

Nothing is more off putting than seeing a profile with 1 million followers that has only 10 comments per post. I mean are you kidding me? Thats like a guy driving a Rolls Royce not having money for gas.

Always maintain a minimum of 5-10% ratio on likes. Meaning, if you have 100k followers, have at least 5000 likes at minimum. And a point one percent comment ratio is just golden. For instance, at 100K followers, that would mean 100 comments per post.

And that – is the golden ratio. Keep that on and forget about the rest.

The Inner-Game : On Being Famous

Getting famous is fun, for the most part – but it requires time, money and effort or else EVERYONE would be famous. While Wolf Global has got your back to get you unlimited free likes and comments, it doesn’t stop there. Here are a few more resources to help you get going –

  • Wolf Analytics – the most advanced Instagram analytics engine awaits you and guess what? Its completely free to use! We created this tool to help our members get free access to reports on insights to their Instagram accounts! You can find a ton of valuable info from finding engagement ratios to finding media stats and even entry value for hashtags! You can learn more on our free Instagram analytics tool here.
  • Wolf Blog – our blog is made with love by our very own members! You can read up on the latest Instagram trends – on tips and tricks – hacks on Instagram algorithm and so much more! Explore wonderful content on our Instagram blog here.

So, you tell me now – How to get Instagram famous? I’m guessing you know the answer to that pretty well. Fame is nothing but a business. Its not about luck. Its not about being great at what you do. Nope. Its about running it like a business, seeing what others are doing and learning from them. Start by joining our Instagram groups and get a better idea of how things happen behind closed doors.

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