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  • Strict requirements for membership.

Introducing Wolf Waves

Wolf Waves is an automated Instagram engagement pod concept developed to allow users to get quick spurts of organic likes and comments from fellow members of Wolf Global. Wave groups are scheduled automated pods that allow members to exchange engagement at set times during the day in a quick manner.

The Details

Getting into Wolf Waves is simple. Just head to @WolfGlobalEntry on Telegram or click here.

To learn the basics of our pod rules please click here.

Once you’re in the channel you can enter one or more of many Wolf Wave pods.

Pre-requisites –

  • Engagement Ratio – Wolf Wave pods require members to have a minimum 5% engagement ratio.
  • Followers – While we have various Wolf Wave pods for a variety of follower brackets – at a minimum you must have 1000 followers to participate in general Wave pods.
  • Niche – All niches are welcome in Wolf Wave pods except for Adult, Gambling, Bitcoin, Fake Viral and similar niches.


/nextwave – time until next Wave

/rules –  group rules and requirements

/warns – warn status across all Wave pods

The Works

Rules of Engagement

So, what is this Waves concept?

In simple terms – it’s an automated engagement pod that holds ‘Waves’ at set times during the day.

Waves are windows of time during which members can share their Instagram username within the Wave pod after which a compiled link list is generated and participants have to then engage on this link list within a given amount of time. Your most recent post on Instagram is the link sourced for the list.

An example of this would be Wolf Waves –  Likes in which there are three Waves every day at 13:00, 16:00 & 19:00 UTC.

30 minutes before a Wave begins the Wolf Waves bot informs all the members that the Wave is about to begin. Further reminders are sent 15 and 5 minutes before the Wave begins.

Next, the Wave starts and a message is sent in the group to let members know that it’s open and they can now share their Instagram usernames within the next 30 minutes.

A link list is compiled for the users by the bot which they can get in private with the bot and engage with it within 60 minutes of the list being generated.

Members who fail to complete engagement will get warned and eventually banned.


/nextwave – send this command within any Wolf Wave group to know how much time there is until next Wave.

/rules – send this within a Wave pod to get the bot to PM you the group rules.

/warns – you can send this within a Wave pod to get the bot to PM you status of your warns.

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Types of Pods

Wolf Waves is a concept and under this concept we have various pods with different engagement and follower requirement.


Wolf Waves – Likes

Wolf Waves – Comments

These Waves pods require 1000 followers at minimum and a 5% engagement ratio to participate.

⚡️ 5K GROUPS ⚡️

Wolf Waves – 5K Likes

Wolf Waves – 5K Comments

These Waves pods require 5000 followers at minimum and a 5% engagement ratio to participate.

⚡️ 10K GROUPS ⚡️

Wolf Waves – 10K Likes

Wolf Waves – 10K Comments

These Waves pods require 10,000 followers at minimum and a 5% engagement ratio to participate.

The Benefits

Wolf Waves are 100% free and always will be.

You can easily join any of Wolf Wave pods via Wolf Global Entry channel linked above.

Let’s learn a bit about how Waves concept is a bit different from other rounds groups and why that can help you and your Instagram journey.


First off Wolf Waves is a blogger & influencer only group. Our community is what separates us from traditional round groups. We do not entertain fake viral groups nor do we entertain adult, gambling and CPA groups.

What this means is that you give and take super authentic engagement from desirable accounts. You exchange likes and comments ONLY with actual bloggers that have actual profiles and stories.


With having only bloggers & influencers our demographics are 80% US-based.

You get to engage with high-level bloggers, influencers and people who are on the same journey as you on Instagram.


And most of all – you get tons of likes and comments in a quick manner thanks to time-based engagement.

To benefit from this you can time your posts to go live just before a Wave starts.

If you make a post just before a Wave starts – you are sure to get 100s of likes and comments on your posts in a short amount of time.

Add to the fact that the people engaging with your posts are real influencers – that can really push your post to a large audience.

Join Wolf Waves today, 100% free forever!

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