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What is an Instagram Pod


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IG Pods : What they are and why you may want to …

Its a bit of a taboo. If you are in them, you probably won’t tell your friends about it.

So – what is an Instagram pod? Well, in simple terms it’s a group of Instagrammers who get together to give and take engagement from each other. Imagine you and a couple of friends making a group on WhatsApp or Telegram and you all share your Instagram links within that chat group and everyone who is in this group has to like and comment on all the links shared.

It’s really that simple. Well, maybe not. Remember when Instagram rolled out advertisement on its platform back in 2016? Its precisely at that time Instagram made some drastic changes to its feed, algorithm and ranking methods that essentially killed engagement for its users. Why did they do this? Well, to push people to pay for ads! Duh!

Its pretty much at this exact time that pods came into picture. People who were used to getting a ton of likes and comments on a daily basis suddenly saw a massive dip in their engagement rate and had no idea what is happening. It was out of desperation that the suffering community of Instagram joined forces with each other and formed Instagram pods.

Diving Deeper

Lets dive a bit deeper into this.

  1. The Where– “Okay, so I know that pods are groups of people. Where exactly do I find them?”, is what you’re probably wondering now. Well, you’ll find pods over at famous chat apps like Telegram and WhatsApp, and more often then not, on Instagram itself within DM groups.
  2. The Who – And then, who exactly are pods for? Well, its for Instagram influencers and bloggers. People who are active on Instagram and care much too much for having a healthy engagement ratio. It can be anyone from a beauty blogger to a fitness fanatic – there is something for everyone within these pods!
  3. The What – What happens in the pod, stays in the pod. Imagine this – you find a way to get super genuine high quality comments on your posts. All your friends are wondering on how to are able to do that – everyone around you considers you as a famous person and what not – well, will you give this secret away? I don’t think so. Pods are great way to exchange likes, comments, views, shoutouts and so much more! Its more like a club than a community. A reserved club for members only.

Note: While you can find pods almost anywhere – you probably need a way to get invited into them. Most pods like ours at Wolf Global are invite only community. You are welcome to join one or more of our 60+ pods over at Telegram at no fee at all. We boast over 1,000,000 members!

The Take

P ods are communities of people that are all working to achieve the same goal – to be famous and get noticed on Instagram. Pods work on the basis of give and take – the more you put in, the more you get back out of it.

The Works

Group Types

There might be a million pods out there. We may never know. And neither should we worry about that. As mentioned earlier, what happens in a pod, stays in the pod.

Pods can be of various types. Example – a pod that is only for travelers or perhaps a pod only for fitness influencers and so on. Pods can also be based on engagement type – that is – for comments or likes or both. Pods can also have minimum follower requirements, meaning a pod for only Instagrammers that have a minimum of 100,000 followers.

Here is an example of a niche pod by Wolf Global – Fashion & Beauty Comments. As you can imagine, this is a niche specific pod only for fashion and beauty Instagram influencers and bloggers and it is only for exchanging comments.

Group Cycles

Group cycles are just a mode by which the give and take happens. Within our groups we have this denoted by DX followed by a number. DX5 means Done x 5 links. A DX10 group would mean you have to give engagement to ten recent most links and then share yours. The next ten people who come after you will comment on your links. Cycle can vary from DX5 all the way up to DX50 and so on.

It may be a bit too much to take. Probably not what you thought you’d end up reading when you asked yourself ‘what is an Instagram pod’ earlier today but not to worry – it’s really not that complicated. 

As an example from our very own pods – Wolf Fashion and Beauty Comments runs on a DX7 cycle – meaning you give comments to seven recent most links while Wolf Fitness and Health Comments runs on a DX5 cycle – meaning you give comments to five recent most links before dropping yours!

Group Rules

Rules are pretty simple and can be found within each group at the top. You can find more on the rules on our FAQ page and watch a short series of video tutorials and explainers to get a better feel of everything.

The basic understanding that you must have is that – pods are simply groups where you come in to exchange engagement. They are not places to do self-promotion or to have a chat. It’s a fast-paced environment where everyone comes in to get what they want and give back the same in return.

You can stay updated on our group rules and regulations by joining our channel Wolf Global 101 over at Telegram for more up-to-date information on community guidelines.

So, what is an Instagram pod? You tell me! 😉

The Invite

Step 1

And here comes your invite to the largest Instagram engagement community! Wolf Global runs over 60 groups over at Telegram with over 1,000,000 members!

We have something for everyone! From Viral Pods to Travel Pods to you-name-it. We have it all. Be sure to checkout our welcome video here and our intro video here for a better understanding of our pods.

You’ll need to have the Telegram app to be able to access our groups which you can get here. For more info on Wolf Global you can always visit our FAQ page.

Step 2

Now that you have a clear understanding of how it works and you’ve created an account on Telegram – you can join our groups via our channels on Telegram –

PS – Channels are just like news groups where we announce updates, rules and groups.

Step 3

And now you’re probably in. We have over 60 pods over at Telegram, however, not all of them are open for entry at all times.

If you are looking to join certain pods that you can’t find an invite link for then you should subscribe to our newsletter via which we send out open invites every month.

And thats about it. Hopefully by now you have the answer to your ‘What is an Instagram Pod’ quest. Happy engagement!

Wolf Global Community

Wolf Global is the largest Instagram community of influencers and bloggers who work together to improve each others’ engagement. A higher engagement rate automatically improves the visibility of your Instagram profile and makes your profile appear more attractive.

We love each and every one of our 1,000,000+ members! Our groups are fully automated and controlled by advanced A.I. bots – meaning, you can not ever be in a situation where you give a ton of engagement and get nothing back. No. Wolf Global is all about fairness to all members.

Our advanced bots issue automated warns and bans to members who break the rules so be sure to brush up on rules at entry to the groups.

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