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Step 1

Download the Telegram app from your app store. (This is the chat app where our Instagram engagement groups are)

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Step 2

Join the largest Instagram Engagement Pod by following the link below.


Step 3 : Go Viral

Get thousands of free Instagram likes and comments from awesome Instagrammers from around the world!

Wait, but what are these ‘pods’?

Find out what Instagram pods are and why you need to join one asap!

Explore Instagram engagement group rules, the inner workings, concepts and benefits of joining one!

What they are

Instagram pods are a bunch of people that come together in a group to help each other out with engagement. Imagine 20 people in a chat group that give each other likes and comments every time someone makes a post.

How they work

The concept of an Instagram pod is simple. Give and take. Each Instagram engagement pod has a set of rules that revolves around the same policy of – like for like – comment for comment – follow for follow.

Why you need one

Instagram pods are a great way to not only boost your Instagram engagement rate, increase your chances to hit the explore page and get Instagram famous – but also a great place to make friends with fellow Instagrammers.

Something for everyone!

Wolf Global offers over 60 Instagram pods to choose from.

Have a look at the list of Instagram pods that you can join within Wolf Global Groups!

General Groups

Group requirements: General groups are IG pods that do no have any minimum requirements to enter.
Subnets: Wolf Likes, Wolf Comments, Wolf 24:00.
Best IG pods to get likes on Instagram, get comments on Instagram and improve your Instagram engagement rate.

Viral Groups

Group Requirements: Members must meet minimum followers requirement to enter Viral Groups. Example - You must have 10K followers on Instagarm to enter 10K Viral.
Subnets: Wolf 1K, 10K, 30K, 50K and 100K Viral.
Perfect place to get engagement from authoritative Instagram profiles that can help improve your hashtag rankings and reach.

Niche Groups

Group Requirements: Members can join niche groups if their Instagram matches a certain niche. Example: You can only join the fitness Instagram pod if you have a fitness Instagram profile.
Subnets: Wolf Travel & Food, Fitness & Health, Fashion & Beauty.
Perfect place to meet potential Instagrammers that you can partner with for follow for follow and exchange shoutouts with.

Power Likes Groups

Group Requirements: Members must minimum followers requirement to enter Power Likes Groups. Example: You must have 50K followers on Instagram to enter 50K Power Likes.
Subnets: Wolf 1K, 5K, 10K, 30K and 50K Power Likes.
Looking to improve your chances to hit the Instagram explore page? Powerlikes is all you need!

Specialty Groups

Group Requirements: Members must meet minimum followers requirement to enter Specialty Groups. Example - You must have 10K followers on Instagarm to enter 10K Likes 24H.
Subnets: Wolf 5K Likes 24H, 10K Likes 24H and 15K Likes 24H.
Perfect place to get authoritative likes from power house Instagram accounts.

Wave Groups

Group Requirements: Members can join Wave groups if their Instagram matches minimum requirements on followers and engagement ratios.
Subnets: Wolf Waves Likes, Wolf Waves Comments, Wolf 10K Likes Waves, Wolf 10K Comments Waves
Perfect place to exchange engagement in a fast manner on a time based system.

What a pod can do for you.

Explore how Instagram engagement groups can benefit you!

Get free Instagram likes, join a niche Instagram comment group, exchange follow for follow and more!

Boost in Engagement Rate

Instagram Engagement Groups are communities of Instagrammers that come together to help each other with improving their Instagram engagement. By joining an Instagram engagement pod you get free Instagram likes and comments that give a boost to your Instagram engagement rate!

Increased Organic Reach

Increased engagement helps reach the top post and explore page of Instagram which further helps in attracting organic growth and natural outreach. Additionally, Instagram engagement pods are a great way to meet fellow Instagrammers and bloggers! Best part? It costs nothing to join an Instagram pod!

How to get more likes on Instagram?

Getting real Instagram likes has never been easier! Join one or more of many Instagram engagement groups by Wolf Global to get free Instagram likes! Its as simple as 1-2-3! A list of Instagram pods comprising of 50 unique concepts awaits you!

Organic likes

Get free Instagram likes for your posts that are 100% genuine and organic via Instagram engagement pods by Wolf Global. Based on like for like policy – there is no limit to the number of likes you can get via Wolf Groups. We are community of 100,000 members and we are growing!

How to get comments on Instagram?

Ready to get comments on Instagram ? Its simple, easy and fun! Members of Wolf Groups get hundreds of comments on Instagram on a daily basis. For those too busy curating content, you can even buy Instagram comments via our shop! Rest assured that the comments will be from real Instagrammers!

Relevant comments

Wolf Groups utilize advanced bots and a team of administrators to ensure that you get relevant and high quality comments on Instagram via our Instagram pod groups. Our Instagram pod rules are designed to ensure you get the best of engagement possible!

How to get followers on Instagram?

Everyone is wondering on how to get famous on Instagram. Scratch that. Everyone is asking on how to get followers on Instagram without following other people!  Its simple. Get out there and get known. Partner with over 100,000 Instagrammers that you can not only exchange engagement with but follow for follow on Instagram.

Genuine followers

Follow for follow Instagram makes sense if both the follower and the followee are of the same niche. Wolf niche groups help users get like for like, comments and even follow for follow from niche specific bloggers. Additionally, Instagram explore page algo prefers your content if your follower base is niche specific!

Our Community

Wolf Global works passionately to nurture and grow the community! Our groups will be free forever and free for all. Additionally we have developed advanced bots and extensions to help users save time whilst catching up within our Instagram engagement pods which are free too!

One Stop Pod

How to get more likes on Instagram? How to get like for like? How to follow for follow on Instagram? How to get Instagram famous? How to reach the Instagram explore page? How to get followers on Instagram? How to get comments on Instagram? The answer is simple. Instagram Pod by Wolf Global.

How to get Instagram famous fast & easy?

With over 100,000 members in our community we have seen that those that perform well with getting famous on Instagram are the ones with unique & appealing content, work hard within pods to increase their reach and partner with fellow Instagrammers to exchange follower bases.

How to get more likes on Instagram without hashtags?

With Instagram engagement groups by Wolf Global you get free Instagram likes and there is no limit to the amount of likes you can get – additionally – it doesn’t matter if you use hashtags or not. You can get likes on Instagram – as many as you want – regardless! Wolf Global runs over 50 Telegram Instagram Pods with over 100,000 members! So – there is no limit to the amount of likes you can get via our pods.

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